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Press Release

December 9, 2013

Larry O’Dell
Oklahoma Historical Society405-522-6676

SHPO Announces HPRC's 2014 Meeting Schedule

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is pleased to announce the Oklahoma Historic Preservation Review Committee's (HPRC) meeting schedule for calendar year 2014. The HPRC (state review board) is appointed by the Governor to provide advice to the SHPO about nominations to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and other preservation issues. Current HPRC members include William P. Corbett (Historian, Tahlequah); Ron Frantz (Architect, Oklahoma City); John D. Hartley (Prehistoric Archeologist, Norman); Arn Henderson (Architectural Historian, Norman); and Charles S. Wallis (Historical Archeologist, Norman). The HPRC's 2014 meetings will begin at 1:30pm on Thursday, January 16, April 17, July 17, and October 16.

The meetings will be held in the Oklahoma Historical Society's LeRoy H. Fischer Boardroom, Oklahoma History Center (third floor), 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, and they are open to the public. The HPRC and the SHPO encourage all interested parties to attend, and meeting agendas and NRHP nominations under consideration at the respective meeting will be provided on the SHPO’s website at http://www.okhistory.org/shpo/spevents.htm.

The National Park Service regulations governing the SHPO's programs require that a qualified state review board participate in the NRHP and other SHPO programs. During each meeting, the HPRC hears presentations on NRHP nominations from SHPO staff and consultants; receives comments from owners of properties proposed for nomination; listens to public comments and concerns; and formulates recommendations to the SHPO about whether or not a property should be nominated. The HPRC and SHPO staff invite concerned citizens and preservation professionals to participate in this important component of Oklahoma’s preservation program.

For further information about the HPRC, the NRHP, or other SHPO programs, call 405-521-6249 or visit us on the website listed above.

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