Record book of the Chickasaw Nation, 1837-1855

By William D. Welge, Director of the Research Division

In the early 1980s the Indian Archives, now the Research Division, was allowed to copy from an original ledger book information relative to the Chickasaw Nation. The book was in the possession of an A.C. West from Texas. The book had been in his family for some years. What makes it so important is that it is the earliest recorded history of the Chickasaw people after their removal to Indian Territory in 1837. The 100 plus page journal was indexed in 1985 to assist researchers.

The volume will include, among other things, information covering aspects of tribal government and national life, court records, elections of national and district officers, acts and resolutions passed by the national legislature, lists of the Chickasaw Lighthorse (national police), divorces, and the murder of Benjamin Love. The copies were microfilmed on roll CKN 30, but copies also can be found in the vertical files under Chickasaw Indians-Courts.


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