What We Lack


by Jill Holt, Curator of Textiles

The purpose of Found in Collections is to share information about interesting items that are in our collections. I am going to stray from that purpose to discuss items that we lack. As we developed our most recent exhibit “Another Hot Oklahoma Night, A Rock and Roll Exhibit,” it became very apparent that we lacked numerous items of clothing in our textile collection. While we have many examples of men’s tuxedos and formal wear, we have relatively few examples of everyday men’s clothing. I had to search diligently to track down blue jeans, cardigan sweaters, sport shirts, penny loafers, and sneakers to add to our collection and be used in the exhibit.

Society has adopted a more casual attitude towards saving and preserving clothing especially men’s clothing. As the curator of the textile collection, I realize the need for us to begin a concerted effort to add to our collection of both men’s and women’s clothing with a focus on clothing from the 1950s to the present. I would like to use this forum to make a plea to the public to consider donating vintage clothing items to the Oklahoma Historical Society. So, clean out your closets and bring us your platform shoes, your tie dye shirts, your go-go boots, your disco shirt, and any other clothes that are in good condition.


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