Newspaper Catalog – Now Online

by Angela Hoofard

OHS is happy to introduce our new and improved newspaper catalog. The catalog is an index of our extensive newspaper collection, which dates from 1828 through the present. Consisting of close to 4,000 titles on approximately 31,000 reels of microfilm, the collection is the largest of its kind in Oklahoma.

The catalog is fully searchable by newspaper title, county, town, and dates. You can choose specific pages of the index and download them to your personal computer, thereby allowing you to create a personal inventory of your research. (This is a catalog of full newspaper issues only. In order to search actual articles, please visit the online newspaper article catalog. For printouts of articles please visit our Research Center or call 405-522-5225.)

Newspapers constitute a rich fund of data for any research endeavor. For genealogists, newspapers are an invaluable source for obituaries, birth announcements, and legal notices. For historians, newspapers provide an important first-person account of events, as well as a window into a time and place different from our own.

If you are interested in purchasing a particular paper, simply write down the microfilm roll number listed on the index entry and call me, Angela Hoofard, at 405-522-0868, or email your requests at


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