What is it?

by Jill Holt, Curator of Textiles

One of the tasks of a curator is to properly identify the object name and function of an artifact. Our database includes a lexicon of object names and functions from which we select, and every effort is made to choose the correct name for an object. Occasionally, there is an object which cannot be easily identified and further research is conducted. If no information can be found, the object is named “Unidentified Artifact.” There is an example from the Harris/Pitchlynn collection that was given that designation. It is made of cast metal and has a wooden crank handle. The object can be clamped to a table top with an adjustable screw. There are two slots on either side of two metal rollers. There are no manufacturer’s marks or other identifying symbols. Any assistance to properly identify the name and function of this object would be greatly appreciated.


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