Century Chest Collections

Audio Collections

"On Behalf of the Pioneers," by Dr. Angelo ScottRecorded SpeechA2013.133.240
"With Verdure Clad," from "The Creation," by Mrs. Charles B. AmesMusical PerformanceA2013.133.241
"O Rest in the Lord," from "Elijah," by Mrs. W.B. MooreMusical PerformanceA2013.133.242
"Bedouin Love Song," by Merle K. BennettMusical PerformanceA2013.133.243
"The Lord is My Shepherd," by Rowland D. Williams with solo by Don TurnerMusical PerformanceA2013.133.244
"Hallelujah Fairest Morning," by William H. PontiusMusical PerformanceA2013.133.245