Century Chest

89ers Who Were in Oklahoma City, on April 22, 1889

(21328, photo by Fred Stone, Oklahoma Historical Society Photograph Collection, OHS)

Photo printed in the April 20, 1913, issue of the Daily Oklahoman. The paper listed those pictured: top row, left to right - C.M. Steinberger, A.M. DeBolt, W.T. Renfro, D.H. Hull, Sam Miller, J.W. Massey, W.O. Church, James B. Garrison, Dr. A.C. Scott, G. A. Beidler, first postmaster, Ed L. Joyce, J.A. Buoy, A.W. Westover and J.S. Kerfoot. Second row, left to right - Newton F. Gates, J.A. Bodine, S.C. Schroyer, Swan Johnson, R.W. Dick, warden of the state penitentiary, J.A.J. Bauguess, John H. Palmer, Mrs. R.A. Lyle, W.L. Alexander, John Erickson, Vincent Anderson, D.W. Gibbs, Dr. J.A. Ryan, James M. Weaver, George H. Dodson, R.D. Neal, J.T. Carey, J.C. McCornack and C.P. Beauchamp. Bottom row, left to right - J.M. Creamer, C.G. Frost, Warren K. Snyder, C.B. Haley, John A. Wallace, W.C. McGrew, John G. Tanner, T.W. Williamson, J.B. Harrell, John C. Burt, George Hales, Mrs. George Hales, Mrs. W.B. Condon, J.J. Wetzel, J.M. Owen, T.M. Upshaw, president of the Eighty-Niners' Society; Mrs. Angie Fox, Mrs. Amanda Armstrong, State Senator Thomas F. McMechan, C.A. McNabb, Charles Post, W.J. Pettee, J.E. Carson, J.L. Wyatt, A.N. Gustin, John Forsberg, John Holzapfel, Fred Sutton, John W. Nicely and A. Morrison.