The Signature Quilt

In 1913 Ladies Aid Society of the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City created this unique quilt for inclusion in the Century Chest. Individuals paid $1 to have their signatures stitched onto the quilt. Once completed, the quilt was put on display at the Myser China and Glass Company store before it was sealed away in the chest, to be opened in 2013. Read the complete history of the quilt.

Rotary Club

Click the links below to view an image of the signature quilt block.

NameLocation on Quilt
Colin S. Campbell 03
D. W. Collins 03
S. L. Crim 03
F. B. Dean 03
Carl Glitsch 03
A. Halverson 03
Wm. E. Heath 03
C. R. Hoffer 03
John E. Jacobi 03
R. A. Jones 03
Chas. L. E. Knight 03
Geo. W. Leiber 03
Walter G. Moore 03
Paul M. Pope 03
Jno. B. Prest 03
Frank H. Rice 03
H. O. Stark 03
Carl F. Welhener 03
Eugene Whittington 03
C. H. Wigger 03
E. Neal Ainsworth 04
Geo. W. Curtis 04
A. M. DeBolt 04
W. E. Dicken 04
A. R. Easton 04
Fred E. Forgey 04
J. N. Hatcher 04
A. C. Hopper 04
Harry S. Lamb 04
C. G. Landon 04
H. C. Lindner 04
J. E. Lucas 04
E. W. McCune 04
J. E. O'Neil 04
H. G. Robinson 04
F. H. Seigenthaler 04
E. C. Thorne 04
N. W. Warren 04

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