The Century Chest Collection

Letter to Czarina Conlin from William Malcolm Guy

(Transcribed from the original)

Sulphur Okla
April 19th 1913

Mrs Czarina C Conlan
Oklahoma City

Mr Dear Mrs Conlan
Replying to your kind letter of recent late requesting some statement to place in the chest you mention, I beg to say:
I am a native of this Country born at old Boggy Depot on Feb 4th 1845, was educated in the schools of the Chickasaw Nation of that Day and was in school in the State of Miss. When I answered the call to arms in the Confederate army in 1861 and served through the war, at the close of the war returned to my native country and was elected Governor of the Chickasaw nation in 1886 and served in that capacity for two years.

To those who may read this word of greeting in 2013, I can only say that I added my mite in the way of time, money and influence for the education and advancement of my native people, I pride in the fact that the Chickasaws have always been the pioneers in the civilization of this Country, have never been disobedient to the rules or laws of the United States and have stood by and lived up to every treaty entered into by them and the Government of the United States, and made a record that will be always monumental to their love of peace and education.

My life's work will end with my humble service to aid the children and unfortunate of my tribe and I devoutly pray that the representatives of the living one hundred years hence will be in full enjoyment of the civilization and advancement that I have always stood for and longed so much to see my people reach,
With kindest personal regards to you,

I am,
Sincerely yours

William Malcolm Guy

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