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Men's Dinner Club, 1911-1912

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History of the Men's Dinner Club to a Like Organization of 2013

The Men's Dinner Club Year Book, 1911 – 1912 Together With A Summary Of The Previous History Of The Club October 1912 Oklahoma City

FOREWARD The present Executive Committee believes that the Men's Dinner Club is now an institution sufficiently established to justify a permanent record, year by year, of its proceedings. It has, therefore, authorized the undersigned subcommittee to prepare a year book for the season of 1911 – 1912, with a view to an annual publication hereafter. Since, however, no previous permanent record has been published, the sub-committee was instructed to gather up, as far as possible, the proceedings of the club from the beginning. This undertaking has been attended with some difficulty, owing to the fact that the records for the first year or two have been lost, but the resume will be found to be fairly full and accurate. We feel assured that the purpose of publishing a year book will be approved by every member of the club. A. C. Scott J. C. Clark John R. Rose Sub – Committee

HISTORY At a social gathering in Oklahoma City in December, 1908, the present president of the Men's Dinner Club suggested to Mr. Jason C. Clark the formation of a men's club. The suggestion was favorably received, and it was then and there determined to call in others to canvass the question more fully. In pursuance of this plan, a meeting was held the next week at the home of Dr. Edward F. Davis, at which the following gentlemen were present: Dr. Davis, Dr. George H. Bradford, Dr. A.K. West, Mr. Henry G. Snyder, Mr. J.C. Clark, and Mr. A.C. Scott. After careful discussion it was decided to call a meeting of twenty men at Chancellor Bradford's residence next week.

The meeting was held, with practically the whole number present. There was no difference of opinion as to the desirability of forming a men's club, but there was an animated discussion as to whether it should be a small club, somewhat devoted to study, and meeting at the member's homes, or a large club, with the "dining together" feature added to the social and intellectual elements. While there was sharp divergence of views, the final vote was unanimous for the large club, and the limit was fixed at seventy-five. This limitation was later (at the organization meeting) approved but it has been extended from time to time, until the present is one hundred and fifty.

Committees were appointed to select the additional charter members and invite their co-operation; to prepare a constitution and by-laws; and to arrange for the first meeting and secure a speaker. All these matters were speedily attended to, and the first, or organization, meeting was announced to be held at the Threadgill hotel, on the first Tuesday evening of January, 1909.

This meeting was held with about sixty men present, Judge C. B. Ames presiding. The speaker was Bishop William A. Quayle, and his subject was "Being a Man." It is needless to say that it was an appropriate and inspiring address.

After the address the permanent organization was effected. The committee on constitution presented an instrument, which was accepted, but which left the name of the organization blank. Much interest and amusement attended the discussion of the name. Blanks were passed out, and each member suggested a name. Regardful of the fact that the club was based largely on the plan of the Knife and Fork club of Kansas City, many members ventured similar suggestions, such as "Pepper and Salt," "Cup and Saucer," "Kettle and Tongs," etc. Some ambitious suggestions were made, as the "Cosmopolitan Club" and the "Coronado Club." One member proposed the "Men's Dinner Club." Finally, on the motion of Mr. Dennis T. Flynn, the matter of proposing a name was delegated to the executive committee, to report at the next meeting. It may be said here that this committee subsequently devoted the greater part of an evening to the matter and finally decided unanimously upon "The Men's Dinner Club," and this name met the unanimous approval of the club at its next meeting.

At this first meeting of the club the following officers were elected to serve for the remainder of the club year: President, C. B. Ames; Secretary, Henry G. Snyder; Treasurer, William Raymond; Executive Committee, J. C. Clark, Geo. W. Clark, D. W. Hogan, A. C. Scott, George G. Sohlberg, A. K. West. The president of the club was also, under the constitution, ex officio a member of the executive committee.

The meetings for the rest of this club were held at the Threadgill hotel, except the first annual banquet, which was held at St. Luke's church. The speakers were: February, Mr. Will H. Clark, on the Grand Boulevard proposition, followed by a discussion; March, Mr. John Fields, on "The Agricultural Resources of Oklahoma," and Prof. Charles N. Gould on "the Mineral Resources of Oklahoma"; April, Bishop Francis Key Brooke, on "Men and Books." At the annual banquet in May there was a toast program, interspersed with musical numbers. The toastmaster was Mr. John W. Shartel, and the speakers were Mr. R. M. Campbell, Bishop W. A. Quayle, Dr. J. H. O. Smith and Dr. Carter Helm Jones.

The election of officers for 1909-10 resulted as follows; President, A. C. Scott; Secretary, Henry G. Snyder; Treasurer, William Raymond; Executive Committee, J. C. Clark, George W. Clark, J. R. Keaton, John Fields, D. W. Hogan, A. K. West.

1909-1910 During this year one meeting was held at the Threadgill hotel, one at St. Paul's parish house, two at St. Luke's, one at the Lee Huckins hotel and the rest at the Chamber of Commerce café. The features of the meetings were as follows: October  J. Homer Wilson, "Oklahoma." November Hon. Charles F. Scott, of Kansas, "Our Island Possessions," (illustrated.) December An evening of 'story telling." January Dr. Edward Meyer, of the University of Berlin, "Modern Germany." February A social evening. March Dr. Carter Helm Jones, "Culture"; also an address by M. Charles Oster of Paris, France. April Judge C. B. Ames, "The Public Institutions of Oklahoma." May Second annual banquet. Toast program.

At the annual banquet, officers were elected for the year 1910-11 as follows: President, A. C. Scott; secretary, John R. Rose; treasurer, William Raymond; executive committee, R. M. Campbell, J. C. Clark, D. W. Hogan, J. R. Keaton, J. H. O. Smith, F. J. Wikoff.

1910-1911 All of the meetings during this year, except the first, in St. Paul's parish house, were held in the banquet room of the Lee Huckins hotel. The literary features of the season were as follows: October Dr. Phil C. Baird, "Impressions of Europe," (illustrated.) November Dr. George H. Bradford, "Man and the Dollar." December Mr. A. C. Scott, "Our Country." January Senator Robert L. Owen, "Better Government." February Dr. J. H. O. Smith, "the World Future." March Dr. A. K. West, "The Newer Medicine." April Judge J. R. Keaton, "Civic Duties of Business Men." May Third annual banquet, lecture recital, "Joseph Jefferson," by Mr. Nelson F. Darling.

At the annual banquet the following officers were elected for the year 1911-12; President, A. C. Scott; secretary, John R. Rose; treasurer, W. S. Guthrie; executive committee, Phil C. Baird, J. C. Clark, E. S. Ferguson, E. K. Gaylord, D. W. Hogan, Frank Wells.

1911-1912 The meetings of this season were held at the Lee-Huckins hotel, with the exception of the annual banquet, which was held in the banquet room of the First Presbyterian church. One meeting was omitted on account of a contribution of $150 from the treasury to the Provident Association. The following is the year's program: October Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes, San Francisco, "The Teacher in Fiction." November Dr. Julien C. Monnett, acting president of the University of Oklahoma, "the Making of a University." December Dr. Edward A. Steiner, Iowa College, "the Struggle for Democracy." January Bishop Theodore Payne Thurston, Muskogee, "Modern Philanthropy." February Dr. David Kinley, Dean of the College of Literature and Arts, University of Illinois, "Our Banking System and Monetary Reform."  April Mr. A. C. Scott "Evolution Today, and Its Relation to Religious Thought." May Fourth Annual banquet: "Gridiron" program.

CONSTITUTION Adopted January 5, 1909, at the Threadgill hotel, Oklahoma City.

ARTICLE I NAME This organization shall be known as the Men's Dinner Club.

ARTICLE II PURPOSE The purpose of this organization are to promote social intercourse, fellowship, and enjoyment among its members; to stimulate interest in intellectual pursuits and achievements; to secure addresses from worthy and eminent men; to entertain distinguished visitors; and to promote the civic and social welfare of Oklahoma City.

ARTICLE III OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS The officers of this club shall be a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and an executive committee consisting of six members. The president of the club shall be, ex officio, a member of the executive committee, but not one of the six above named. These officers shall be elected annually at the May meeting, in such manner as the club shall determine. The first election, however, shall be held at the organization meeting, and the officers then elected shall hold their respective offices until the meeting in May, 1909, when the first annual election be held.

ARTICLE IV DUTIES OF OFFICERS The duties of the president, secretary, and treasurer shall be those usually devolving upon such officers. The duties of the executive committee shall be to arrange for meetings and give proper notice thereof, to provide speakers, to nominate candidates for membership, and to conduct business affairs of the club.

ARTICLE V ELECTION OF MEMBERS Candidates for membership shall be elected in such a manner as the club may determine, upon the nomination of the executive committee.

ARTICLE VI DUES The dues in this club shall be twelve dollars a year, one-half payable October first and the other February first.

ARTICLE VII MEETINGS The regular meetings of the club shall be held the last Friday evenings of the months from October to May of each year, inclusive. The regular order shall be a dinner or banquet, followed by an address from a member of the club or an invited guest, or by such other entertainment as the executive committee shall provide. The executive committee shall have the power to change the time of meetings herein fixed, for any given meeting, if circumstances render such change advisable, but ample notice of such change shall be given.

ARTICLE VIII SUBJECTS All subjects shall be open for discussion except partisan and sectarian issues. Speakers shall not be 'called out."

ARTICLE IX MEMBERSHIP LIMITATION The membership of this club shall be limited to seventy-five men. (Amended; present limit, 150)

ARTICLE X GUESTS Any member may invite one or more out of town guests to a meeting, upon notifying the secretary and paying for such guest or guests the regular price per plate.

ARTICLE XI AMENDMENTS This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present.

Mortuary Charles G. Jones May 29, 1911 William Wallace Bierce December 2, 1911 Seymour C. Heyman June 20, 1912

Roster of Members Ames, Judge C. B. Ayers, Geo. N. Bailey, L. H. Baird, Dr. Phil. C. Bass, J. M. Bearly, F. B.  Bisbee, E. F. Blackwelder, Guy Blanton, E. G. Blesh, Dr. A. L Boardman, John R. Braden, Scott Brandenburg, Supt. W. A. Braniff, Thos. A. Brasted, Fred Brock, Sidney L. Brooke, Rt. Rev. F. K. Burke, W. C. Burwell, Judge B. F. Campbell, Colin S. Campbell, R. M. Chambers, T. G. Chenoweth, James Clark, J. C. Classen, A. H. Clayton, W. I. Coates, J. S. Colcord, C. F. Colter, Dr. F. H. Constant, J. L. Cooter, M. S. Crane, W. H. Crawford, J. E. Crockett, A. P. Cruce, Governor Lee (Honorary) Culbertson, J. J. Sr. Cunningham, Dr. S. R. Davis, Dr. Edw. F. Dicken, Dr. W. E. Dilley, B. M. Draper, J. M. Dunn, E. L. Evans, R. M. Everest, J. H. Farnum, L. M. Ferguson, Dr. E. S. Fields, John Finerty, Roy E. Flynn, Dennis T. Frederickson, George Gardner, George E. Gaylord, E. K. Gloyd, S. M. Goodrich, Rev. Robt. E. Gum, Fred S. Gum, Lester B. Guthrie, W. S. Hair, C. E. Harbour, J. E. Hardie, W. V. Harper, Rev. Thos. H. Hataway, E. T. Hayes, Justice S. W. Henley, C. L. Heyman, Seymour C.* Hogan, D. W. Holmes, C. N. Holtzchue, Robert Huckins, Joseph Jr. Huckins, Leon Hull, Dr. Robt. L. Jacoby, F. C. Jennings, W. A. *deceased Johns, J. P. Johnson, Chas. Edw. Johnson, F. P. Johnston, D. I. Johnston, J. Henry Jones, Dr. Carter Helm Kane, Justice M. J. Keaton, Judge J. R. Kerr, G. G. Kingkade, Andrew Leonard, J. C.  Lingafelt, A. R. Longmire, William Lowe, Russell G. Lybrand, W. A. Marrs, J. E. Martin, Thomas P., Jr. Mattison, J. P. McClelland, J. C. McGaughey, C. S. McIntyre, Edwin Vaile McKee Kee R. McKinstry, David McMechan, T. F. Mee, William Miller, Eugene Miller, Fred T. Mogg, Rev. Curtis E. Molinard, W. R. Monner, Dean J, C, (Honorary) Moore, W. B. Moorman, Dr. L. J. Munden, Judge A. N. Northup, F. D. Oldfield, Judge E. D. O'Neill, J. E. Owen, F. B. Owen, Senator Robt. L. (Honorary) Peck, H. M. Pettee, W. J. Phillips, J. M. Piersol, George, W. Quayle, Bishop W. A. Raymond, W. M. Reed, Dr. Horace Riely, Dr. lea A. Rogers, T. H. Rose, John R. Royer, Rev. T. H. Scott, A. C. Scott, M. D. Sharp, Judge J. F. Shartel, J. W. Smith, Rev. J. H. O. Sohlberg, George G. Stone, G. B. Street, Allan Todd, Dr. H. Coulter Turner, Chief Justice John B. Turner, M. L. Van Cleef, C. Van Meter, G. W. Vose, R. A. Waldron, H. E. Warren, J. F. Watson, Dr. Leigh F. Weaver, Claude Welhener, Carl F. Wells, Frank West, Dr. A. K. Westervelt, E. E. Wikoff, Frank J. White, Dr. Arthur W. Will, Dr. A. A. Williams, G. K. Williams, Dr. Robt. F. Williams, Justice R. L. Young, Dr. A. D.

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