The Century Chest Collection

Wetzel Family Package - Biography and photo to descendants of John T. Kramer

(Transcribed from the original)

My brother the Hon. Henry Kramer (deceased) is the oldest son of the Hon. John H. Kramer and Johannette Becker Kramer. [He was] born in [the] village of Neider Sehlbach Prussia [now the Niederseelbach disctrict in Germany] [and] came to this country with Father and Mother in the year 1854. During his life he aspired to one of the most prominent lawyers of the state of Indiana. Being educated in the German language as well as in the English language gave him the ability to practice his profession in both languages. At the age of 23 years old he [was] elected by a large Democratic majority as County Treasurer for two successive terms, four years each term. At the age of 35 years he was elected State Senator of Indiana for a term of four years. When he returned [to] his home in Rockport Indiana [he was] devoting the rest of his life to the practice of his profession and trading in land. He was the father of four children, two sons and two daughters. The oldest son is at present the pastor of the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Louisville Kentucky. This picture [is] to be handed to the oldest grandchild or the oldest great grandchild of the descendants of John T. Kramer at present County Treasurer of Tulsa Oklahoma where this is to be opened in the year 2013.

Sister Mary Kramer Wetzel

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