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Wetzel Family Package - Letter from John. T Kramer, Tulsa County Treasurer

(Transcribed from the original)

Dear Sister Mary
Brother Will was born [on the] 9th day of June 1854. He was six months old when Father & Mother came to America. They came in the latter point of the year 1854 making him now 59 years old.

Brother Phil is 41 years old [and] was born [the] 28th day of March 1872. [He] has two boys John H. Kramer and Phil P. Kramer Jr.

I was born the 9th day of August 1870 making me 42 years old or 43 years this coming August. [I] have 4 boys – Forrest J. H. Kramer 19 years old, Phil Joe Kramer 15 years old, Allen Kramer 12 years old and John J. Kramer Jr. 4 years old. The title of Phil's insurance business is the Kramer Insurance Agency Tulsa Oklahoma.

Brother Phil came to Tulsa in the year 1903 and started an insurance agency soon building up one of the best agencies in the state or at that time called Indian Territory. He is regarded as one of the best posted name on insurance in the state of Oklahoma today. [He is] always honesty in his dealings with his patrons and absolutely above reproach. I came to Tulsa on the last day of the year 1903 from Rockport Indiana.

[I] was appointed first County Clerk of Tulsa County by the constitutional constitution [in the] year 1907 and organized and laid out the voting precincts in Tulsa County and conducted the first election held in the county.

[I] was nominated & elected on the Democratic ticket County Treasurer in the year 1910 and again in the year 1912 without opposition on either ticket, leading the ticket both times in number of votes.

[I was a] charter member of the first Lutheran church of Tulsa Oklahoma and spending all my spare time and spare money helping to build a Lutheran church in Tulsa Oklahoma.
Your Brother John

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