The Century Chest Collection

Letter from the President of the University of Oklahoma

(Transcribed from the original)

April 7, 1913.
To the President, Faculty, and Students
of the University of Oklahoma, 2013

Greetings from the President and Faculty of the University of Oklahoma of 1913;

Surrounded as you undoubtedly are with magnificent buildings and ample equipment, and proud as no doubt you have a right to be of more than a century of magnificent achievement, pause for a moment to consider the conditions as you have them and as we, who precede you by a century, have them. We hope, indeed that the foundations that we are establishing will fit the needs of our present day and will be sufficiently flexible to adapt themselves to the developing needs of the coming century. In history, you may find out exactly what we are. In prophesy only may we express our hopes of what you will be.

Very truly yours
Stratton D. Brooks
President of the University.

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