The Century Chest Collection

Poems by Ina Gainer and Alice B. Fuller

(Transcribed from the original)

April 20" – 1913
The Little White Sheep.
(A Sleepy Song.)

In the golden glow as the day sinks to rest,
A mother clasps gently her babe to her breast,
And she lovingly croons a melody, sweet,  –
A hush-a-bye song of the little white sheep.

"O the little white sheep, they go one by one,
Across the cool meadow where day-light is done
O the little white sheep – one by one they go," –
And she rocks as she sings, and the light burns low.

"O the little white sheep go slowly and still,
As they follow each other over the hill, -
O they follow each other with step so true
To the song of Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue.

O the little white sheep at last reach the bars,
While above through the blue: peep the bright-eyed stars:
And then one by one, in the song, we are told,
The little white sheep enter softly the fold.
Bo Peep -------
White Sheep----
Asleep. ---

(Mrs. R.R.)
Alice B.C. Fuller
#517 West 12" street
Oklahoma City

If one could coin the sunshine,
Into precious stacks of gold,
And hoard them in the heart vaults,
When the day grows gray and old;

If one could mine the diamonds,
Sparkling in the dew,
And use their crystal splendor
To light the night-time through;

If one could catch the music
Of wild birds on the wind,
And o'er life's strident discord,
The liquid notes could fling;

Then no man would be richer,
Thank the poorest in the land,
Whose gems and gold lie hidden
In the hollow of his hand.
--Ina Gainer.

Just For Today
Just for today, to know the heart's desire,
To feel that every golden dream is true;
Gray years forgetting, weary toil and tire,
Romance itself appearing brave and new.

Just for today, just for today,
Down the road with happiness and far away;
Gaily playing truant where the sunbeams stray,
Just for today, just for today.

Just for today, while the pulse beats madly,
Flitting down the mystic path of love-lit ways,
Sipping the wine of joyousness gladly,
Living every thought denied in other days.

Just for today, just for today,
Peeping into Dreamland fair, where fancies play,
Holding fast to pleasures lest they flit away,
Just for today, just for today.
--Ina Gainer.

Forward, March!
Beneath the fold of the starry flag, in regiments they come,
To the stirring notes of war-time fife and rat-tat of the drum,
They look to neither right nor left, but march with soldier's tread,
Their thoughts are drifting backward, though their gaze is straight ahead.
Adown the years that lie between this day and San Juan Hill,
The aftermath of battles is responsive cheer and thrill;
And hints of old-time glories, in deeds that never die;
The nation gives them honor, as the vets go marching by;
The soldiers of the Spanish War, in regiments they come,
To the clanking of the sabre and the rat-tat of the drum.

With steady step and quick salute, they pass in swift review –
These brown clad ranks of heroes, all battle tried and true;
Their hearts leap up with joy that hurts, when elbows touch again,
And well known voices answer, "here," at roll call of the men,
Back through the smoke and war clouds grim, they see Manila Bay,
While thousands cheering as they pass, look just upon today.
Their deeds go down in history, traced with sword-thrusts keen –
They've marked the Steps of Progress, with lowly mounds of green,
Survivors of the Spanish war, in regiments they come,
With the blaring of the trumpets and the rat-tat of the drum.
--Ina Gainer.

Dedicated to the Spanish American War Veterans
The Oklahoma News
Poems by Miss Ina Gainer to be
Enclosed in the Century Chest

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