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History of the Women of 1889

(Transcribed from the original)

The opening of the home seekers of the western part of what is now the state of Oklahoma, on the 22nd day of April, 1889, is now looked upon as much historical importance.

Ever since 1890, there has been an Organization known as the Eighty Niners' Organization, composed of men, women and children who lived within the borders of the present State during the year of 1889.
The object of this Organization is to perpetuate the memory of hardships and pleasures and maintain a close followship between the pioneers of Oklahoma.

In 1909, it was decided by members of the '89ers' Organization that more work and better results might be obtained if the women would band together in a separate society.

Pursuant to a call issued by Madames Fred Sutton, O. A. Mitcher and Marion Rock, a committee appointed by Mr. O. A. Mitcher, President of the '89ers' Association of Oklahoma City, a meeting of the Pioneer Women was held July 17th, 1909, at the home of Mrs. Fred Sutton, 1111 N. Broadway, in Oklahoma City. Those present at this meeting were Mrs. Fred Sutton, Mrs. Eunice Munger, Mrs. Anne E. Housel, Mrs. John Wingler, Mrs. Chas. Post, Mrs. O. A. Mitcher, Mrs. Katheryn Wallace, Mrs. Mary Couch DeTar, Mrs. C. A. McNabb, Mrs. Marion Rock and Mrs. Joseph Childs, of Purcell, Oklahoma.

A temporary Organization was perfected by the election of Mrs. Fred Sutton as President, Mrs. Marion Rock as Secretary, and the appointment of various committees.

Only July 24th, 1909, a permanent organization of the Women of '89 was perfected, a constitution and by-laws adopted, and the following officers elected:
Mrs. Fred Sutton, President
Mrs. Joseph Childs, of Purcell, First Vice President
Mrs. Charles Post, Second Vice President
Mrs. Marion Rock, Recording Secretary
Mrs. O. A. Mitscher, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. C. A. McNabb, Treasurer

Mrs. Fred Sutton
Mrs. J. M. Housel
Mrs. Nellie Hickey
Mrs. Marion Rock
Mrs. Frank Harrah
Mrs C. A. McNabb
Mrs. W. O. Church

This Organization is to be known as "The Women of '89."

These women banded themselves together for philanthropic work and to create a feeling of fraternalism among its members, to perpetuate the history of Pioneer days, extend the hand of fellowship to each other and every '89er wherever the situation or occasion may offer the opportunity.

Any women of good moral character, who became a resident of Oklahoma during the year 1889, or wife or female lineal descendant of any man who became a resident of Oklahoma during the year 1889 shall be eligible to membership.
On April 22nd, 1910, at the first annual meeting the first annual meeting of the Organization the following officers were elected:
Mrs. Fred Sutton, President
Mrs. Charles G. Post, First Vice President
Mrs. O. A. Mitscher, Second Vice President
Mrs. Marion Rock, Recording Secretary
Mrs. A. S. Heaney, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. C. A. McNabb, Treasurer.

Mrs. Fred Sutton
Mrs. Marion Rock
Mrs. C. A. McNabb
Mrs. Mary McClure
Mrs. John Wingler
Mrs. N. R. Gates
Mrs. J. R. Ryan.

On December 3rd, 1910, Mrs. Rebecca Beatty was elected to fill the position of First Vice President, made vacant by the resignation of Mrs. Charles G. Post.

On April 22nd, 1911, new officers were elected by the Association as follows:

Mrs. N. T. Gates, Presidents
Mrs. O. A. Mitscher, First Vice President
Mrs. G. D. Munger, Second Vice President
Mrs. A. S. Heaney, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Sarah Walker, Corresponding secretary
Mrs. Frank Harrah, Treasurer,
Mrs. W. R. Clements, Parliamentarian.

Mrs. N. T. Gates,
Mrs. A. S. Heaney
Mrs. Frank Harrah
Mrs. Mary McClure
Mrs. Byron Shearer
Mrs. J. A. Ryan
Mrs. J. N. McCornack.

Upon the expiration of her first term as the first president of the Organization, Mrs. Fred Sutton was elected Honorary Life President, as a partial reward for her untiring efforts toward perfecting and building up the Organization.
On May 2, 1911, at a meeting of the executive board, Mrs. M. F. Gates, Mrs. A. S. Heaney, Mrs. Frank Harrah, Mrs. Mary E. McClure, Mrs. J. A. Ryan, Mrs. J. N. McCornack and Mrs. B. D. Shearer, articles of incorporation were filled with the Secretary of State of Oklahoma, thereby securing a charter for the Organization under the name of "The Women of '89 of the State of Oklahoma."

At a subsequent meeting an Amend Charter was secured, which included all the Charter Members' names.
In the fall of 1910 the Legislature passed a bill locating the capital at Oklahoma City.

Mrs. N. T. Gates, Mrs. Charles Post, Mrs. O. A. Mitscher and Mrs. J. N. McCornack called on Governor Haskell and asked that the pen used in signing the bill be given to the women of '89 and the request was granted.

In the Historical Room of the Carnegie Library of Oklahoma City, is this said pen, the application for the Charter, the Charter, Amended Charter and First Secretary's book. At the regular annual meeting, May 4th, 1912, the following officers were elected:

Mrs. O. A. Mitscher, President
Mrs. G. D. Munger, First Vice President
Mrs. Mary McClure, Second Vice President
Mrs. A. S. Heaney, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Sarah Walker, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. J. M. Owen, Treasurer
Mrs. W. R. Clement, Parliamentarian.

Mesdames Rebecca Beatty, N. T. Gates and G. W. Carrico were elected members of the Executive board, who with the above named officers composed the entire Executive Board for the year beginning May 1912 and continuing until May 1913

A special meeting of the women of '89 was called by the President July 28th, 1912. At this meeting it was decided to have a Year Book, giving the names of the Officers, Executive Board, Chairman of various committees, time and place of meeting, and names of the hostesses for the ensuing year. It was decided to meet in the homes of the different members instead of at the Carnegie Library where they had 'most always met.

At a regular meeting of the women of '89, October 5th, 1912, at the home of the President, Mrs. O. A. Mitscher, the following committees were announced:
Membership, Mrs. W. O. Church
Flower, Mrs. Rebecca Beatty
Visiting, Mrs. E. S. Malone
Arrangements, Mrs. Frank Harrah
Entertainment, Mrs. Fred Sutton
Resolution, Mrs. Marcy Couch (Resigned)
Mrs. A. S. Heaney
Purchasing, Mrs. Dr. Hawley
Reciprocity, Mrs. John Kerfoot
Sick, Mrs. U.T. Gates
Legislative, Mrs. T. M. McMechan
Historical, Mrs. G. W. Carrico
Municipal, Mrs. C. A. McNabb
Civic, Mrs. Ruel Haskell
Jurisprudence, Mrs. J. W. Johnson
Printing, Mrs. Charles Schweinle
Invitation, Mrs. Mike Conlan
Auditor, Mrs. Sarah Hoover
Press Reporter, Mrs. Sarah Walker
Philanthropic, Mrs. Mary McClure
Program, Mrs. Jack Jones
Financial, Mrs. William Tighman
Hospitality, Mrs. Guy McClure
Memorial, Mrs. J. M. Housel
Reminiscence, Mrs. Mattie Flick

All these committees have done very effective work.

The organization has an '89er, Mrs. Kohler, who together with her husband spent their best days and a small fortune in bringing about the opening of this country. This aged lady's entire support is provided for by this Organization. At a regular meeting October 15th, 1911, this Organization donated $25.00 to be known as a Kohler fund and a committee was appointed to devise means to increase and perpetuate said fund. This committee paid her rent for a year and provided her maintenance after which she was placed in the Old Ladies' Home where she is still under the care of this Organization.
The Sick Committee have visited the sick and needy. Flowers, plants and a word of cheer have been given to the sick and all bereaved families of 1889 have been remembered with casket bunches and resolution of condolance (sic), whether members of this Organization or not. Though this Organization have many members in the prime of life, and a few in their declining years, the following members have gone to their reward:

Mrs. Julia Binns, 1910
Mrs. James Cunningham, 1912
Mrs. J. T. Winans, Mrs. Ella Townsend, 1911
Mrs. Fightmaster, Mrs. Lillian Robertson, Wewoka, 1912.

The Civic Committees have done many commendable things. In March 1913, the Civic Beauty Women of '89 inaugurated a flower campaign for the purpose of helping beautify the City. 20,248 packages of flower seed were distributed among the school children with instructions for planting and growing, and some time in July there is planned to be an extensive flower show to be held some where in Oklahoma City. The Committee also assumed the work of beautifying Harn Park.
The spring of 1913, Mrs. Jeanette Lewis, a member of the Organization, gave to the Wheeler School about 400 shade trees for the school of children to beautify their School grounds.

In the Historical Room of the Carnegie Library is a cabinet for all Articles of Historical value of this society. At this time there is in the Cabinet the Application for the Charter, the Charter, the Amend Charter, First Secretary's Book, and the Pen with which the Governor signed the Bill locating the Capitol at Oklahoma City.

April the 22nd being the birthday of Oklahoma, it has become the custom to celebrate the day previous, April 21st, and the 22nd in a manner known as "The April Fiesta." On April 21st, 1910, a 12 o' clock luncheon at the Lee Huckins Hotel was given for the chosen King, (Hart Wand) and Queen, (Myrtle Owen) of the April Fiesta and their Attendants. These Attendants were chosen from seven original Counties of Oklahoma which are as follows:

In the evening was a spectacular parade on the principal business streets of Oklahoma City. Heading the parade was a float bearing the King and Queen and their Attendants followed by several beautifully decorated floats, symbolic of the History of Oklahoma. In the Ball Room of the Lee Huckins Hotel a throne had been built to receive the king and Queen and their Attendants after the parade. The Grand March was led by the Governor and his wife and Governor's Staff, all in full military dress and the Mayor and his wife of Oklahoma City followed by the '89ers. We had on this occasion as Honored Guest, Gen. James B. Weaver, who's untiring efforts in Congress of United States caused the opening of this Country possible. It was considered one of the most brilliant and successful festivals ever given in Oklahoma City.

The year of 1911, April 21st, at High Noon, this Organization gave a beautiful Flower parade. In the parade were nine Electric Coupes beautifully decorated with flowers spelling as they came the words "W-O-M-E-N O-F '8-9," which was followed by numerous decorated Floats, Automobiles and Carriages. This was followed in the evening by a Ball given in the Auditorium where hundreds of people attended. This year Russel Pryor and Mildred McNabb did honors as King and Queen.

The following Year, April 22nd, 1910, a Ball and Banquet of brilliant affair was given at The Skirvin Hotel. Jack Spencer and Carolin Colcord were chosen King and Queen and this was also quite a gala day, in which many people partook.
Another social affair is the annual custom of keeping open house some where in Oklahoma City every New Years' Day, and extending a welcome to all persons who care to call.

January 18th, 1913, during the session of the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma, this Organization extended a welcome to them in form of a Reception at The Skirvin Hotel. The Governor's Staff and Legislators and their families were Guests of Honor.

The women of '89 is a State Organization, in a flourishing condition and is rapidly increasing in number and the following is a list of its members:

Mesdames Fred Sutton,
Eunice Munger
Anna E. Housel,
John Wingler
O. A. Mitscher,
Chas. Post
Katherine Wallace,
Mary Couch DeTar
C. A. McNabb,
Nellie Hickey
Lou Colbur Childs,
Katherine Durland
Minnie Dean,
Mary C. Cox
Blanche V. Hawley,
G. C. Beidler
Ina D. Robare,
Marion Rock Haskell
Inez George,
Jeanette C. Rhea
Arlette De Tar, (Miss)
Julia E. Binns
Nellie Hickey Grout,
W. C. Church
Charles Gilpin,
Frank Harrah
C. B. Bradford,
James Geary
R. M. Ainsworth,
Jeanette A. Lewis
Ina B. Hatfield,
W. A. Aikin
Ed Sutton,
Alice Schnell Lowery
India Harrah (Miss)
Byrd Walker (Miss)
Jennie Bradford (Miss)
Elmo Brashear
S. N. Mosely,
S. A. Higgins
L. E. Thomas,
C. H. Field
M. E. Baxter,
J. J. Wetzel
W. T. Gates,
J. M. Ownes
Myrtle Owen (Miss)
Emily Vance (Miss)
Nora Nance (Miss)
Fred Comstock
Byron D. Shear,
James Cunningham
J. C. Blanchard,
J. F. Winans
W. M. Pyles,
J. S. Jenkins
L. M. Keys,
W. W. Shear
A. B. Hammer,
John Carey
Mamie Penn,
J. A. J. Bangness
J. N. McCornack,
J. B. Garrsion
Clarence Buxton,
M. J. Anderson
Adah Anderson (Miss)
John Flattery
Sara E. Walker,
James A. Ryan
James A. Cox,
Zoe Mitcher (Miss)
John Kohler,
Florence Fibbale
T. J. Jones,
Ruther McCornack (Miss)
John Beattie,
Levi Baxter
Mary Hanson,
J. W. Pryor
Olive Laux,
E. W. Stone
Ada Hutchinson,
Dudley Stone
L. E. Johnson,
Gus Hanson
C. A. McCollister,
Jennie Levagood
Julia Dunham,
Junia Dunham (Miss)
John Forsberg,
F. M. Jordan
A. S. Heaney,
J. W. Johnson
T. A. cook,
Kate Barnard (Miss)
John Fightmaster
Margaret Fightmaster (Miss)
Anna Fightmaster (Miss)
Winifred Fightmaster (Miss)
Gertrude Ryan (Miss)
W. H. Miller
W. M. Smith,
John Meyer
W. R. Fox,
Mary Dolan
Mary McClure,
Guy McClure
W.E. McAdams,
John Holzapfel
Ruth Holzapfel (Miss)
Will Alexander
Ben T. Glover,
S. A. Davis
W. P. Harper,
Annabel Harper (Miss)
Ella Townsend,
Weston Atwood
Geo Deppink,
R. D. Neal
F. H. Reed,
M. L. Nix
Nellie Nix (Miss)
E. W. Oliver
Amanda J. Armstrong,
Jessie Hammer (Miss)
T. M. Richardson,
Mamie Meyer (Miss)
Sue C. Case,
J. W. Cameron
Belle Goldwaith,
Sarah Brown
A. L. Welch,
C. A. Galbraith
W. W. Kidd,
Magdalen Wagner
Rebecca Beatty,
Julia Renfro
Myrtle Beattie Lamb,
Effie E. Cheatham
Clarrissa Leach (Miss)
Lloyd Thomas
Ada Julian,
W. B. Layle
M. T. Flattery,
A. F. Peppers
Lama Walter,
S. J. Hadlock
Bernice Schott Amis,
W. J. Pettee
M. A. Foster,
George Lang
Perle Dunham McGurren,
Mamie Courtney
Midlred McNabb (Miss)
Will Armour
Asa Jones,
Nellie Jenkins
Rudolph Kleiner,
E. L. Lawrence
Minnie Striblling Davis,
A. M. Gustin
Gertrude Gustin (Miss)
Mesdames S. M. Armour,
Neal Ainsworth
Thomas Linton Allen,
William John Black
John Blackburn,
W. L. Bradford
G. H. Beebe,
Stella Mitchell Beebe
Alice G. Barrows,
Meriam Olivet Thornley Beganson
A. E. Butts,
G. W. Beidler
John Betty,
W. F. Bush
Emma Bracht,
Lucile Baker
Ruth Dickenson Clement,
M. E. Croil
C. A. Crowder,
Ora Crowder (Miss)
Lou Cole,
Harry Clergern
C. H. Cox,
Geo. W. Carrico,
Mike Conlan
John M. Couch,
Webster B. Condon
Veta McClure Carhart,
C. W. Dobbins
C. T. Essig,
John Flattery
G. H. Fink,
Jessie Flemming
Emis Fuller,
C. G. Frost
Mary Gault Ingram,
H. B. Houghton
Pearl R. Hopkins,
Irene Fowler Hickey (Miss)
F. M. Hughes,
Julia Hendricks
Emma Hough (Miss)
Lena M. Hill
Minnie Hill (Miss)
Emma Hrabe (Miss)
Daisy Hrabe (Miss)
Ida Hasley (Miss)
G. B. Hester,
Ben F. Harrison,
W. T. Hales
E. H. Jackson,
John Kerfoot
Claudia Spencer Kirkpatrick,
O. B. Kee
Lucy Littlepage,
H. A. Lemberson
Laura Lamberson,
J. S. Lyon
Robert Lyle,
L. F. Lee
G. D. Munger,
Arthur Morrison
E. S. Malone,
Dick T. Morgan
Porter H. Morgan,
Thomas F. McMechan
Mary A. McAllister,
David McClure
Tom O'Keefe,
Lena Osborne
Ella Hodges Parker,
Letha Pentecost (Miss)
Sallie Spruce Payne,
Lilliam Robertson
John Rorer,
E. M. Rosser
Wm. Cochran Skinner,
Ed Scott
Inex E. Sutton (Miss)
Eva Stinett
Mont C. Sutton,
H. L. Straugh
Mary Scott (Miss)
Carrie Schott (Miss)
Chas. Schweinle,
G. W. Stevenson
S. A. Stewart,
Jasper Sipes
Don Sanford,
L. M. Spencer
Nellie Shepherd (Miss)
Lottie Shepherd (Miss)
J. O. Severns,
Salmon Olive (Miss)
V. M. Tedford,
D. W. Turbyfill
Geo. Todd,
H. Todd
W. M. Tilghman,
B. H. Weisner
William D. Witcher,
Jane Whittaker
Eda Wand (Miss)
John R. Williams
J. H. Marshall,
Tazwell Mason Upshaw
Ruth J. Edwards,
J. R. Keaton
Ollie E. Gault,
Edna Howell (Miss)
John Palmer,
J. B. Charles
Moses Neal,
Charles E. Knight
Neal Nelle (Miss)
Midlred Morrow
J. S. Morrow,
R. C. Parman
C. J. Alexander,
Geo. H. Brauer
J. B. Rolater,
Josephine Clarke (Miss)
Mrs. Dowe,
Waite Clarke
Ella Eagan (Miss)
Karl Hammer
Rose E. Harris,
Chas. Harrison
C. G. Jones
Speed Jones
Clara McBride,
H. L. McCracken
Clara Phillips,
James Parrott

Mrs. George W. Carrico,
Historian of Women of 1889.
April 17-1913. Oklahoma City

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