The Century Chest Collection

Letter to United Daughters of the Confederacy Oklahoma City Chapter

(Transcribed from the original)

To the Oklahoma City Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy
A. D. 2013
Were the organization known as the United Daughters of the Confederacy founded on any than patriotic principles were its conditions of membership any than Confederate blood, there might be some occasion for hesitancy in extending greetings to you of a hundred years hence. There might be some question of doubt as to your existence as that distant date but because of these conditions mentioned and with that true, abiding faith in, and love for our fore-fathers, who gave four years of their young lives for home and country, we believe, you, will come into this glorious heritage of valor, will be fully awake to its dignity and honor, and to you, we extend greetings of love, proud loyal love, pregnant with every sentiment of true patriotism.
(Mrs. W. R.) Ruth D. Clement – President
(Mrs Michael) Czarina Colbert Conlan – Vice-President
(Mrs. J. M.) Jerrie Kirkland Alford – Recording Secretary.
(Mrs. N. P. Novolin) Mary Lou Bond – Corresponding Secretary.
Mrs M E Rosson (Mamie Rodgers) – Treasurer.
Mrs. W. T. S. Hunt (Mamie Shelton) – Historian.
Mrs. W. C. W. Richardson (Mattie Shearer) – Custodian of Crosses.
(Mrs. Meade) May Benjamin – Director Children's Auxilliary (sic).

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