The Century Chest Collection

Oklahoma City Advertising Club Letter

(Transcribed from the original)

Oklahoma City Advertising Club
Oklahoma City
Chamber of Commerce

April 22, 1913

To the Oklahoma City Advertising Club of 2013: -
Members of the Oklahoma City Advertising Club of 1913 greet you!
We have every reason to believe that your club will be one hundred years better than our organization to-day; you will have had the advantage of the experience of others for a full century.

Many of the problems with which we are now absorbed will have been solved and you will doubtless have subjects too far advanced for us of this day and time.

The Century Chest Committee trusts that the enclosed mementos will prove of interest to those who may succeed us in the advertising field.

With Best Wished,

John W. Newbern
H.C. Martin
T.W. Fahy
C.H. Wigger

A. A. C. of A. Convention Committees.

E.K. Gaylord,
General Chairman and ex-officio
C. H. Russell,
President and ex-Officio.
John W. Newbern,
Secretary and ex-Officio

Itinerary and Transportation:
J.A. Mathews,
M.V. Hardie.

Hotels, Baggage and Refreshments:
J.C. Coffer,
E.L. Aurelius.

Badges, Uniforms and Souvenirs:
S. E. Beatty,
J.C. Holden.

Exhibit Matter:
I.S. Mahan,
Martin Kingkade.

Delegates and Attendance:
Frank D. Northup,
H. C. Martin,
C.H. Wigger,
Wm. Taylor.

Music and Yells:
Paul B. Smith,
C.M. Greenman.

Ways and Means:
Frank Hoopes,
W.H. Hampton,
Frank C. Kip,
Colin S. Campbell,
J.F. Harbour.

Correspondence and Entertainment:
Raymond P. Locke,
T.W. Fahy,
John W. Newbern,
C.A. Finniger,
L.C. McClure,
W.B. Moore

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