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Ladies Music Club Constitution, By-Laws, and Members

(Transcribed from the original)

Greetings from
The Ladies Music Club of 1913
The Largest Music Club of 2013


The Ladies' Music Club of Oklahoma City


No. 298 Oklahoma City, Feb. 22 1913
The Bearer Mrs. Ed Dunn
Is a member in Good Standing in the
And is Entitled to all Privileges of the club

Belzora Phillips

Mrs. C. B. Ames


President, MRS. C. B. AMES
Vice-President, MRS. FREDERICK B. OWEN
Treasurer, MRS. A. L. WELSH
Historian, MRS. E. L. DUNN

Active Members
Mrs. C. B. Ames
Mrs. A. C. Bennett
Mrs. R. P. Bennett
Mrs. Jules Bloch
Miss Louisa Brooke
Mrs. James Chenoweth
Miss Hallie Cooke
Mrs. Walker M. Coombs
Mrs. Harry C. Davis
Mrs. E. S. Ferguson
Mrs. David Frederickson
Miss Martha Gilmer
Mrs. Robert Holtzschue
Mrs. A. R. Lingafelt
Mrs. L. D. Mitchell
Mrs. W. B. Moore
Miss Helen Norfleet
Miss Katherine Norfleet
Miss Amanda O'Connor
Mrs. F. B. Owen
Miss Belzora Phillips
Mrs. J. A. Reck
Mrs. A. C. Robertson
Mrs. H. M. Scales
Miss Norma Schoolar
Mrs. Allen Street
Mrs. Jessie D. Valbracht
Miss Vere Van Winkle
Miss Clara Waldron
Mrs. A. L. Welsh
Mrs. L. M. Westfall
Miss Olive A. Wheat
Mrs. W. F. Wilson

Honorary Active Members
Miss Nancy Longnecker
Mrs. W. C. Newland

Honorary Members
Mrs. Phil Baird
Mrs. W. N. Colton
Mrs. R. E. Goodrich
Mrs. H. H. Hulten
Mrs. C. E. Mogg
Mrs. McIntryre
Mrs. N. H. Royer
Mrs. J. H. O. Smith
Mr. Ernest Calhoun
Mr. Charles F. Giard
Mr. E. V. McIntrye
Mr. J. J. Merrill
Mr. J. G. Mraz
Mr. H. A. Quinn
Fr. Victor Van Durme
Mr. Rowland D. Williams

Chorus Members
Mrs. C. B. Ames
Mrs. J. M. Alford
Mrs. A. C. Bennett
Mrs. R. N. Bennett
Mrs. E. E. Blake
Mrs. F. K. Brooke
Mrs. W. R. Clement
Mrs. Ben F. Davis
Mrs. H. C. Davis
Mrs. F. G. Dennis
Mrs. W. I. Gilbert
Mrs. John L. Graham
Miss Mabel Graham
Mrs. B. W. Haggerty
Chorus Member - Continued
Mrs. D. W. Hogan
Mrs. C. T. Ingalls
Mr. F. P. Johnson
Mrs. O. B. Kee
Mrs. A. M. Lehr
Mrs. Frank Mulkey
Mrs. C. A. Peyton
Miss Florence Phelps
Mrs. Horace Reed
Mrs. A. C. Robertson
Mrs. F. W. Scherubel
Mrs. Earl H. Shelley
Miss Clara Sims
Mrs. C. F. Smith
Miss Meta Steglemann
Mrs. Coulter Todd
Mrs. A. L. Welsh
Mrs. L. M. Westfall
Mrs. Maude L. Wilcox
Mrs. Boston Wilson
Mrs. W. F. Wilson
Director – Mr. Rowland D. Williams
Accompanist – Mrs. Fredrick B. Owen
Associate Member
Mrs. Orin Ashton
Mrs. J. M. Aydelotte
Mrs. George Ayers
Mrs. F. M. Bailey
Mrs. Sol Barth
Mrs. L. M. Beadles
Mrs. A. J. Beatty
Mrs. Webster Benham
Mrs. W. W. Bierce
Mrs. E. F. Bisbee
Mrs. A. Bissell
Mrs. S. T. Bledsoe
Mrs. Rex G. Bolend
Mrs. A. F. Bond
Mrs. P. W. Bonfoey
Mrs. W. M. Bonner
Mrs. E. L. Boyce
Mrs. Sidney L. Brock
Mrs. J. P. Brough
Miss Elizabeth Brownlee
Mrs. W. S. Bulkey
Mrs. Chas. W. Campbell
Mrs. R. P. Carpenter
Mrs. G. W. Carrico
Mrs. A. Carroll
Miss Mary Caylor
Mrs. T. G. Chamber
Mrs. J. C. Clark
Mrs. A. H. Classen
Mrs. C. F. Colcord
Mrs. R. D. Conklin
Mrs. George Cooke
Mrs. E. H. Cooke
Mrs. Norton Cooke
Mrs. M. S. Cooter
Mrs. R. M. Conway
Mrs. J. R. Cottingham
Mrs. W. H. Crane
Mrs. H. A. Craycroft
Mrs. A. P. Crockett
Mrs. W. H. Crump
Miss Mildred Marion Dalzell
Mrs. Elizabeth Darrell
Mrs. U. Daughdrill
Mrs. E. F. Davis
Mrs. Albert Scripps Deacon
Mrs. Warren Dutcher
Mrs. Frank Dingee
Mrs. H. P. Doughty
Mrs. McGregor Douglas
Mrs. J. M. Draper
Mrs. John DuMars
Mrs. E. L. Dunn
Mrs. Chas. Dunning
Mrs. W. D. Eastland
Mrs. H. H. Ebright
Mrs. R. T. Edwards
Mrs. John Fields
Mrs. I. Fleig
Mrs. George Frederickson
Associate Members – Continued
Mrs. E. L. Fulton
Mrs. Henry Furman
Mrs. Maude Fletcher Gallagher
Mrs. Robt. Gardner
Mrs. Harry Gerson
Mrs. W. M. Gillespie
Mrs. M. N. Gish
Mrs. Gardner Given
Mrs. S. M. Gloyd
Miss Marguerite Grant
Mrs. J. N. Graves
Mrs. J. W. Graves
Mrs. J. H. Grigsby
Mrs. Fred Gumm
Mrs. Lester Gumm
Mrs. Mary Gunther
Mrs. Gore Hagar
Mrs. John Hale
Mrs. C. J. Hall
Mrs. John W. Hall
Mrs. O. D. Halsell
Mrs. J. F. Harbour
Mrs. Thos. Harper
Mrs. R. T. Harriss
Mrs. Gus Hart
Mrs. E. T. Hathaway
Mrs. W. F. Haven
Mrs. J. W. Hawk
Miss Helene Hirschland
Mrs. W. E. Hodges
Mrs. C. A. Hoffer
Mrs. D. W. Hogan
Mrs. W. P. Homan
Mrs. R. M. Howard
Mrs. L. L. Hubbard
Mrs. Joseph Huckins, Jr.
Mrs. C. T. Ingalls
Mrs. C. C. Ingram
Mrs. J. P. Johns
Mrs. F. P. Johnson
Mrs. C. E. Johnson
Mrs. Orville Johnson
Mrs. C. G. Jones
Mrs. W. G. A. Jonte
Mrs. Bernard Kaufman
Mrs. Harry Kelley
Mrs. George Kerr
Mrs. L. D. Kight
Mrs. Zoe Klein
Mrs. H. S. Lamb
Mrs. F. S. Lamb
Mrs. Milas Lasiter
Mrs. Frank Laux
Mrs. W. A. Ledbetter
Mrs. Leon Levy
Miss Josephine B. Lincoln
Miss Hyla Florence Long
Mrs. Ross D. Long
Mrs. J. S. Lyon
Mrs. Richard H. Malone
Mrs. J. H. Marshall
Mrs. E. G. McAdams
Miss Merle McCarty
Mrs. J. C. McClelland
Mrs. J. L. McClelland
Miss Helen McClelland
Miss Ruth McCornack
Miss Ruth McCredie
Mrs. D. B. McDonald
Mrs. C. L. McGaughey
Mrs. E. V. McIntyre
Mrs. Kee R. McKee
Mrs. David McKinstry
Mrs. A. J. McMahan
Mrs. Wm. Mee
Mrs. T. P. Mellon
Mrs. J. J. Merrill
Mrs. Joseph Myer
Mrs. F. B. Miller
Mrs. R. E. Moist
Mrs. C. L. Moore
Mrs. John M. Noble
Mrs. F. C. O'Neil
Mrs. Henry Overholser
Mrs. Ed Overholser
Mrs. Will Overholser
Mrs. R. F. Parry
Mrs. F. E. Patterson
Mrs. J. H. Payne
Mrs. W. J. Pettee
Miss Edith Allen Phelps
Mrs. Emma E. Pierce
Mrs. C. B. Pope
Miss Hazel Post
Mrs. C. S. Powell
Associate Members – Continued
Miss Marguerite Powells
Mrs. C. W. Rathbun
Mrs. Wm. Raymond
Mrs. Horace Reed
Mrs. T. M. Richardson
Mrs. L. A. Riely
Mrs. W. J. Rodman
Mrs. C. D. Rushmore
Mrs. U. L. Russell
Mrs. R. F. Schaefer
Mrs. J. F. Sharp
Mrs. J. W. Shartel
Miss Lena Smith
Mrs. George G. Sohlberg
Mrs. E. F. Sarrow
Mrs. H. J. Spaulding
Mrs. Milton Speer
Mrs. Chas. Stiles
Mrs. G. B. Stone
Mrs. F. A. Stone
Mrs. J. G. Street
Mrs. C. W. Stringer
Mrs. B. A. Talbott
Mrs. H. R. Teasdale
Mrs. Ross Thomas
Mrs. J. H. Townsend
Mrs. E. C. Trueblood
Mrs. M. L. Turner
Mrs. Will Vance
Mrs. Lee Van Winkle
Mrs. R. R. Walker
Mrs. Sarah Walker
Mrs. F. W. Wardwell
Mrs. Warren B. Watkins
Mrs. C. J. Westfall
Mrs. A. W. White
Mrs. F. J. Wikoff
Mrs. A. L. Wilkin
Mrs. A. A. Will
Mrs. John J. Volz
Mrs. Alden Vose
Miss Grace Waite
Mrs. Rodney Wiley
Mrs. G. K. Williams
Mrs. Boston Wilson
Mrs. George Woodward
Mrs. H. H. Wynne

Program Committee
Mrs. W. F. Wilson
Miss Hyla F. Long
Miss Belzora Phillips
Miss Norma Schoolar
Miss Clara Waldron
Mrs. Henry M. Scales.
This organization shall be known as THE LADIES' MUSIC CLUB.
Its object is the advancement of musical culture.
Section 1. There shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Sec. 2. The officers and two other members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 1. There shall be two classes of membership – active and associate.
Sec. 2. The requirements for active membership shall be thorough musicianship and ability to do creditable solo work.
Sec. 3. Associate membership shall consist of persons who are interested in promoting the object of the club. They shall be exempt from any musical or business responsibilities. Both active and associate members shall be privileged to bring guests on payment of twenty-five cents each, except in the case of out-of-town visitors, for whom no fee will be charged.
This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting, when such proposed amendment has been on file in writing no less than two weeks, and has been read at such previous meeting and approved by two-thirds of the active members.
Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings, and shall conduct them by formal order of business. She shall sign all orders on the Treasurer for payment of money.
Sec. 2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in her absence.
Sec. 3 The Secretary shall prepare minutes of meetings, all necessary notices, and have charge of the correspondence of the club.
Sec. 4 The Treasurer shall collect all dues and fines, keep account of all receipts and disbursements, pay all bills when properly signed by the President, and make an annual report.
Sec. 5. All officers shall report at the annual meeting.
Sec. 6. The Executive Board shall transact the business of the Club.
Section 1. Active membership shall be limited to forty, associate membership to three hundred.
Sec. 2. Any active member after one year's connection with the Club may propose each year one name for membership.
Sec. 3. A candidate for membership must have her application endorsed by two members of the Club besides the proposer, this application to be delivered under seal to the President.
Sec. 4. Applicants for membership shall appear before an Examining Committee consisting of five members appointed by the President.
Sec. 5. Names approved by this committee shall then be presented to the Club for balloting.
Sec. 6. Elections to the Club must be unanimous.
Sec. 7. If defeated, the name shall not be presented to the Committee again within one year.
Section 1. Annual dues hall be, for active members, one dollar; chorus members one dollar; associate. two dollars.
Sec. 2. An initiation fee of two dollars shall be required of all other than charter members.
N. B. – Sec 3. Dues must be paid at or before the second meeting of the Club (November), and failure to do so will be considered withdrawal from the Club. The Treasurer shall issue membership cards on payment of dues, and only members holding such cards shall be entitled to the privileges of the Club.
Sec. 4. Pupils will be admitted to the Club recitals on payments of ten cents each.
Section 1. The Club shall meet for eight consecutive months, beginning in October with a business meeting.
Sec 2. The meetings shall be held at three o'clock the second Saturday in each month.
Sec. 3. Elections shall be held the first Saturday in March, three p. m., at the home of the President.
Sec. 4. Special meetings of the Club or Board may be called by the President.
Section 1. Any active members not present at roll call shall be fined ten cents.
Sec. 2. Any member remaining from a meeting, for any cause except illness or absence from town, shall be fined twenty-five cents.
Sec. 3. Any active or associate member absenting herself from three consecutive meetings, unless from illness or absence from town, shall forfeit her membership and her place may be declared vacant by the club.
Sec. 4. A member unable to perform the part assigned her on the program, except in case of illness, shall pay a fine of one dollar.
Section 1. Any member paying fifty cents and duly notifying the Secretary shall become a passive member and may remain from six consecutive meetings without being fined.
Sec. 2 Any member who is absent from the city at the time of a meeting for which she is prepared, shall upon giving her number subsequently by credited with preparation.
Section 1. Nine members hall constitute a quorum.
Sec. 2. Four members shall constitute a quorum of the Board.
Section 1. All elections and nomination shall be by ballot.
Sec. 1. A majority vote shall elect.
These BY-LAWS may be amended by a two-thirds majority at any regular meeting of the Club.

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