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First Families of Oklahoma

(Transcribed from the original)

F.F.O. Club
Organized Oct. 9, 1908

F.F.O. Club - 1913 - 2013

On invitation of Mrs. Henry Overholser, October 9, 1908, there was organized a society to be known as the "F.F.O." Club or the "First Families of Oklahoma".

The object of the organization was to perpetuate the memory of the women of the pioneer days and also to aid in charitable work.

The following officers were elected:
Mrs. T. M. Richardson, President
Mrs. Henry Overholser, Vice President
Mrs. Daisy Petee, Secretary and Treasurer
Mrs. Hattie Dunn Butts, Historian

With the following charter members:

Mrs. T. M. Richardson, June 27, '89
        200 W. 6th St.
Mrs. Henry Overholser, June 3, '89
        405 W. 15th St.
Mrs. Wm. J. Pettee, May 23, '89
                700 W. 16th St.
Mrs. George Spencer, Oct. 28, '89
314 N. Walnut
Mrs. Sarah E. Walker, June 28, '89
         315 W. 12th
Mrs. Byrd Walker, Nov. 14, '89
                  511 W. 12th
Mrs. Eva Walker Purdum, Nov. 14, '89
   Chickasha, Okla.
Mrs. T. M. Upshaw, Aug. 28, '89
               125 W. 10th
Mr. Mary Upshaw,  Aug. 28, '89
              Glendora, Miss.
Mrs. Blanch Upshaw, Aug. 28, '89
          125 W. 10th
Mrs. Mirian Richardson DuMar June 27, '89
         1016 W. 19th
Mrs. Georgia Wolfe, Nov. 15, '89
  433 W. 11th
Mrs. Freeman Givens, Oct. 8, '89
1005 W. 17th
Mrs. Dennis Flynn, June 1
          Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Rebecca Beaty, Mar. 19, '90
911 W. 18th
Mrs. Hattie Dunn Butts, Oct. 9, '89

At the next regular meeting the organization was made permanent. The office of Secretary and Treasurer was divided and Mrs. George Spencer was elected Treasurer. Mrs. Upshaw and Mrs. Walker elected to Board of Managers.

December 1, 1908, the names of Mesdames Rolater, Stiles, Nettie Wheeler Chappel Jones, Mary McClure, Sutton and Halsell were presented by the Board of Managers and duly elected to membership. Mesdames Beaty, Walker and Sutton were appointed a committee to look after the needs of the Poor Farm.

January 5, 1909, Mrs. Beaty seconded by Mrs. Upshaw made the following motion, "That the Club establish a permanent scholarship in Epworth University, the beneficiary, if possible, to be child of a pioneer family. Unanimously carried. Mrs. Walker and Beaty reported baskets of eatables and turkeys sent to the Poor Farm Christmas. Mrs. Sutton instructed to see if a member of the Couch family could be made a beneficiary of the University scholarship. Mrs. Colcord elected to membership. Mrs. Walker elected Historian to fill vacancy by removal of Mrs. Hattie Dunn Bentley from the city. Mrs. Halsell elected to take Mrs. Walker's place on Board of Managers.

February 2, 1909, Club endorsed movement to erect a monument to the memory of Capt. Couch. Mrs. Mitscher elected a member.

March 2, 1909, a loan of $10.00 given Mr. Kohler to assist in publishing a souvenier edition and later the loan was made a gift.

May 4, 1909, decided to take part in the celebration of the opening of 1889 both in the parade and banquet. Mrs. Overholser made a motion which carried that the membership be limited to twenty-five. Election of officers followed - - all present officers being re-elected. The Club then adjourned until October 1909.

October 12, 1909, Mrs. Sutton's resignation accepted and Mrs. E.L. Fulton elected to membership. Scholarship fund discussed. No name found eligible among the families of the pioneers, the club decided to give it to some worthy person. Mrs. Richardson to have the matter in charge. Decided to furnish Christmas gifts to the Orphans Home with Mrs. Upshaw and Halsell in charge. Mrs. Halsell reported literature sent to the Provident Association.

November 2, 1909, Decided to bestow the scholarship on Mr. Jordan, a worthy young man recommended by Mr. A.C. Scott. Voted to give a Benefit Tea for the Y.W.C.A. at Mrs. Colcords on December 2d.

At a special meeting November 16th, Mrs. Wand and Peyton elected to membership.

December 7, 1909, reported $90.00 realized from the benefit tea and was voted to be given to the Y.W.C.A. Mrs. Mitscher resignation accepted. By-laws amended and associate membership created. On motion Mrs. Stiles and Bentley were transferred to that list.

February 13, 1910, Tuition and extra expense voted given to Mr. Jordan amounting to $20.00.
March 8, 1910 stands out as a Red Letter Day as at that meeting our President, Mrs. Richardson, inaugurated the movement for establishing an Old Ladies' Home to be known as the "F.F.O. Home", ground to be secured at once and to begin to work out the fulfilling of this splended project. Mrs. Overholser made a motion that we establish a Dollar Day, each member taking a dollar making it earn as much as possible and, in poetry, telling how she made it grow. Motion carried to make the November meeting that day.

May 10, 1910, the last meeting of the year, all officers were re-elected. Received for the "Old Ladies' Home" fund $51.65.

Nothing of importance at the first meeting October 4, 1910 at Mrs. Colcord's home.

November 1, 1910, Mrs. Wykoff elected a member. Tuition of student paid and plans for the Home discussed.


December 6, 1910, Mrs. Gabriel Wright elected to membership (associate). Mrs. Eva Walker Purdum placed on associate list. Mr. Putnam promised site for the Home.

March 7, 1911, Voted to have a Tea at Mrs. Richardsons in April to replenish fund for the Old Ladies' Home, our President having graciously offered her home for the purpose, asking to bear the burden of expense for the Tea.

April 5, 1911, Mrs. Witten and Mrs. Clegern were elected associate members. $150.00 was realized from the Tea given at the home of Mrs. Richardson.

May 2, 1911 Mrs. J.E. Crawford elected a member. Mrs. Walker endorsed as a member of Library Board. Decided to procure a Charter. Mrs. Fulton to have the matter in charge.

October 17, 1911, a loan of $200.00 bearing 8% interest of the funds of the club was made. Voted to give a wedding gift to Miss Mary Upshaw, the Club's first bride. Flowers were sent Mrs. Colcord and Mr. Overholser.

November 7, 1911, Thanks given Mr. Fulton for preparing Charter.

December 5, 1911, Mrs. Clegern having returned to the city, was transferred from an associate to an active member. Mrs. Harrah and Mrs. Shear elected to membership.

January 9, 1912, Mrs. Richardson, our loved President, gave us a cordial New Year's greeting. Mrs. Wykoff told of the Christmas distribution of ten baskets of provisions, seventeen boys and girls with hose and eight pairs of shoes. Trustees to serve as the Board of Managers for first year of Old Ladies Home as required by the Charter, were elected. Mesdames Richardson, Overholser, Spencer, Pettee, Walker, Halsell and Upshaw.

February 6, 1912, shoes given needy child, amount $1.19.

March 5, 1912, voted to give $5.00 to assist in paying taxes for an old lady.

April 2, 1912, decided to give Luncheon on April 22d for members and their families.

May 7, 1912, note of $200 and interest (16.00) due May 31st was ordered reloaned with good personal security. Election of officers followed;

Mrs. Richardson, President
Mrs. Overholser, Vice President
Mrs. Halsell, Secretary
Mrs. Wykoff, Treasurer
Mrs. Walker, Historian
Mrs. Upshaw and Spencer, Executive Board

October 8, 1912, Mrs. S. E. Knox offered a site for Home which will be considered. Mr. Allen of the Home of Redeeming Love has asked our co-operation in working out the problem of an Old Ladies' Home.

November 5, 1912, Committee appointed to investigate Mr. Allen's proposition. Thanksgiving offerings were received.

December 3, 1912, no definite action was taken regarding the furnishing of a room in the Allen Home. $16.00 was donated by members for Christmas charity.

January 14, 1913 met with Mrs. Johnson. No business of importance. Decided to present Byrd Walker, the second Club bride with a dozen silver spoons.

February 7, 1913 decided to give a Benefit Tea at the home of Mrs. Overholser for a gift to Mr. Allen for finishing the Old Ladies Home he is interested in. Voted to take space in the Century Chest, the English Lutheran Church is planning and arrange a short sketch of the Club with names of members. At the Tea at Mrs. Overholser's  $104 was realized which is at the disposal of the Club.

Present roster of Active Members: -

Mrs. T.M. Richardson
Mrs. Henry Overholser
Mrs. W.J. Petee
Mrs. George Spencer
Mrs. Sarah Walker
Mrs. T.M. Upshaw
Mrs. Mary Upshaw Jones
Miss Blanche Upshaw
Mrs. Byrd Walker Bottoms
Mrs. Freeman Givens
Mrs. Dennis Flynn
Mrs. Rebecca Beaty
Mrs. J.B. Rolater
Mrs. E.L. Fulton
Mrs. Hattie Clegern
Mrs. Nettie Wheeler Chappel Jones
Mrs. Mary McClure
Mrs. O.D. Halsell
Mrs. Frank J. Wikoff
Mrs. J.E. Crawford
Mrs. John Wand
Mrs. Chas. Colcord
Mrs. L.E. Johnson
Mrs. Frank Harrah
Mrs. Byron Shear

Associate Members

Mrs. Margaret Stiles, 132 W. 4th, City
Mrs. Georgia Wolfe, 433 W. 11th, City
Mrs. Eva Walker Purdum, 707 Iowa St. Chickasha
Mrs. W.W. Witten, Okmulgee, Okla.
Mrs. Gabriel Wright, Tulsa, Okla.
Mrs. Frederick Hawley, Tulsa, Okla.
Mrs. Hattie Dunn Bentley, City.

To the members of the F.F.O Club of 2013, we wish to send greeting of love and good will.

The work we have planned, we expect to be carried on by you as descendants of us, who have hewed the way and made the paths easy for your feet to tread. We have builded as well as we knew and into your keeping we commit this work.

The call of want and the piteous wail of sorrow has ever had a ready response from the F.F.O. Club of 1913 and may the future ages have cause to bless and honor this noble band of women.

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah E. Walker
April 22, 1913

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