The Century Chest Collection

"To those who come shall come after," by Louisa Brooke, 1913

(Transcribed from the original)

To Those Who Shall Come After
Children of ours, that ope this chest of years,
Wise with a knowledge far beyond our kin,
Who view these toys with laughter and
with tears,
Feeling our human nature now as then;
Think not we boasted we did all things well.
Think not we dreamed that all we wrought
Would stand,
But let these trifles of our weaving tell
We too have lived and labored in the land.
Only, we would ye hold our
Memory dear,
Remembering always, while the past unrolls,
The things we did, ye may discover
The things we were, are fashioned
In your souls.

Louisa Brooke

- 20 April, 1913

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