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Atwood Family Package - Greetings from Weston Atwood and Family, Atwood Lumber

(Transcribed from the original)

Greetings from
Weston Atwood and family

April 19 - 1913

To the descendants of Weston and Lulu Atwood: Greetings: -
Neston Atwood was born at Hamilton Hancock County Illinois August 13 - 1868, and was the only child of Bruce and Cecelia Wigginton Atwood who were descendants of David and Eurua Atwood and William and Eliza Pendleton Wigginton, the Pendletons were from Virginia and signers of the declaration of Independence Lulu Hammer Atwood was born at Assumption Ill and was the daughter of Amos Byron and Emma Refina Hammer whose parents were Agustus and Nancy Hammer and James and Nancy Shaw Miller.

Weston and Lulu Atwood were married at Bellingham Wash Nov 15 - 1891, and have four children Pearl Atwood Moore, Evelyn May, Margaret Doris, and Elizabeth Pendleton. Pearl Atwood married Walter Gurnell Moore May 14, 1912.

Weston Lulu Atwood came to Oklahoma February 14, 1893 where this chest is to be buried was at that time far in the country.
Wishing you all health and prosperity.

Weston Atwood Family.

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