The Century Chest Collection

To the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma

(Transcribed from the original)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. April 22nd, 1913.
To the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of
The State of Oklahoma, A. D., 2013

My Dear Sir: -
My associates join me in extending to you greetings and wishes for your successful administration of the high office to which your state has elevated you. Time and posterity will have pronounced judgment upon our services, and you will be enabled to avoid the mistakes we have made.
I anticipate that this greeting finds you laboring under a judiciary system, in some respects improved over our present system. Among the changes I hope will have occurred are:

First: A non-partisan system of electing the judges of all the courts of the State.

Second: A sufficient remuneration paid to the judges to justify those best qualified for judicial positions to devote their life to the work.

Third: That the standard of trial judges has been so raised and the procedure so changed in the power it invests in the trial judge over trials, that justice is so uniformly and unerringly administered that all small litigation ends in the trial courts.

This last result can be effected (sic), in my opinion, in no other way than by entrusting to the courts, aided by a well-trained and highly qualified bar, a large power over the procedure in courts, both nisi and appellate.

Renewing our wishes for your personal success and happiness, and sharing with you a just pride in the greatness of our beloved state,

We remain,
Yours very sincerely,
Samuel W. Hayes
Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court of the State of Oklahoma.

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