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Senate Resolution No. 25 naming the State of Oklahoma Banner

(Transcribed from the original)

State of Oklahoma
Department of State
Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma 1907.

Benjamin F. Harrison Secretary of State
To all to whom these Presents Shall Come, Greeting:
I Benjamin F. Harrison, Secretary of State of the State of
Oklahoma do hereby certify that the following and hereto attached
Is a true copy of
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 25.
March SecondĀ  1911.
This measure was instigated by
Ruth D. Clement, who made the
design, herein officially adopted.

the original of which is now on site and a matter of record in this office
In Testimony Whereof, There to set my hand
And cause to be affixed the great Seal of State.
Done at the City of Oklahoma this
Eighteenth day of March A.D. 1911.
Benjamin F. Harrison
Secretary of State
By Hugh L. Harrell
Asst. Secretary of State
Oklahoma Eng. B PTG. Co. Oklahoma City
B.A.No. 5
St. Louis, MO.

Senate Concurrent Resolution
No. 25.
By McMeechan of the Senate and Wright of the House.

Whereas, The various States of the American Union
have from time to time adopted a banner, designating a fea
-ture peculiar to the State adopting the same, and,
Whereas, The State of Oklahoma, has not yet adopt
-ed or designated such a banner; therefore,
Be It ResolvedĀ  by the Senate, the House of Repre
-sentatives Concurring therein,

That a banner, consisting of a red field with a
five pointed star, of white, edged with blue, in the center
thereof, with the figures 46, in blue, in the centerĀ  of
the star, be, and the same is hereby adopted as the official
banner of the State of Oklahoma.

Adopted by the Senate February 25, 1911.
J.J. McAlester
President of the Senate.
Adopted by the House of Representatives February 27, 1911.
W.A. Durant
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Approved March Second 1911
Lee Cruce
Governor of the State of Oklahoma.
Correctly enrolled
E.L. Mitchell
Acting Chr.,

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