The Century Chest Collection

Greetings from Philomathea to their great grandchildren

(Transcribed from the original)

Oklahoma City, Okla., April 21/13
To my great-grand daughter,
Or great grand son, if such there be
One hundred years from this day,
When the Century Chest is opened.

In this day and time, much earnest thought is given to one's family tree, and to the tracing thereof. That one who can trace his or her lineage back to the Mayflower, or even to the time of the Revolution of the American Colonies against English Rule is happy.

My maiden name was Frances Fidelia Falwell. My father was born and reared in Rappahannock County, Virginia, and his name was Samuel Falwell. My mother's name was Zarsko Zelo Messick, and her father Jefferson Messick came from North Carolina and settled in Raleigh, Tennessee.

Through my father, our lineage may sometime be traced back to Gabriel Fallowell, who came over in the Mayflower. My mother maiden name was Messick is no doubt the Russian name Masek; her given name Zarsko Zelo is a family name running through many generations back, and is undoubedtly of Russian origin, the name Tsarskoe-Tselo being the name of the City in Russia where the czar's palace is located.

The only real purpose which a noble lineage may serve to a descendant is the incentive to live up to the standard it sets. We may be inspired to live bravely, act nobly, and make our lives of service to our fellowman, because of the high example set us by our forefathers in the purity of life, nobleness of purpose, and devotion in the service of their fellowman in obedience to Christ's injunction 'Do ye unto others as ye would have others do unto you." And 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me."

It is a consoling thought that each of us is free to do these things whether nobly descended or otherwise, and that we may achieve to a good and perfect life, devoted to the service of our fellowman, even if not incited thereto by the example of our ancestors in a direct line. So it behooves us to pay more attention to our own manner of life, now than to meditate too much and plume ourselves too much to the character and life of those members of our family who have gone before us.

The most consoling though in all of it is that if we are ignobly, instead of nobly born, yet we may by the grace of God, rise above the source from which we came, and live our life acceptable to God, and hisi divine will.

Of what good is a message from out of the past, one hundred years agone, if not to help one to be better for it? What is the good of hearing or reading a message from me, Frances F. Threadgill or from my husband John Threadgill, or from my son, John Falwell, or from Mary Frances, my daughter, if it does not make us think of higher things. The one word, "service," taught by Christ when he was on earth, holds the key of happiness for all who will listen. So I plead with you my great-grand-daughter or my great-grand-son, as the case may be, to remember that salvation comes because of what you find it in your heart to do for others, instead of seeking out ways and means to save yourself.

Your loving great-grand-mother.
Frances. F. Falwell Threadgill

To my great grand-child or children. My maiden name was Mary Ann Havis. My parents William T. Davis and Margaret Lloyd, were born in Wales coming to this country when very young. I was born in Paneroy, Ohio in 1863. My father settled in Niles, Ohio, when I was seven years old, where I lived until I was twenty-six years of age when I married Boston Haglitt Wilson who was born and reared in Warren, Ohio.

Immediately after our marriage, we went to Great Bend, Kansas, where my husband was engaged in the drug business. In 1892 we came to Oklahoma City where we have since resided.

What is known as "Boston Wilson's Drug Store" is located at 128 West Main St. and our residence is 110 East Third St. Our only child – Myra Hazlitt – was born in Oklahoma City May 18th 1894. She is a brunette, five feet six inches all. She attended the public school in Oklahoma City until her sixteenth year where she also studied music when she attended Christian College, Columbia Mo. Going from there to Washington D. C. where she attended Belearst Seminary. You will find my picture in the upper right hand corner of the card on which are picture of the Philomathea Club of which I am at present secretary. You will also find a history of this literary club which been prepared by Mrs. Williams J. Pettree who is one of my closest friends. If you are a girl or girls, I hope you will be Philomatheans.

My wish is that this letter may be preserved and on April 22nd 2013 be read by you to whom it is addressed. Although you aer unborn, the very thought of your coming into this world is dear to me.

May God bless you.
Mary A. Davis Wilson

This message is a hope Philomathea may still be a flourishing literary Club and My great-grand daughters may all be members as their great-grand mother Mary Elliott Carpenter has before them -


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April nineteenth, 1913 –
To my dear Great Grand children,

Thinking you may enjoy a message from me when the century chest is opened in 2013 9 am meeting a few times. We are a small family of four – William Jay Pettee your great grand father, is a tall handsome man 46 years old, Daisy Beatty Pettee his wife is short and with brown hair and eyes, of the same age. We were married in Osage City Kansas by the famous Bishop Juole of the Methodist church on November the 23rd 1888. He came to Oklahoma when this country was opened to white settlement April 22nd 1889 and opened a hardware store 123 Main Street. I came a month later. Margerate myrtle was born to us, February the ninth, 1894. She is a tall beautiful girl with dark hair & eyes. She is a great favorite in society.  Helen Beatty our younges tdaughter is thirteen years old – Is large for her age with dark eyes and light hair, a very loving child. My mother is Rebecca L. Davis Beatty, is now 65 years old, was born in North Carolina.

I have a sister Myrtle Alenia (Mrs. Floyd Sanford Lamb)) she has one daughter Rebecca Margaret seven years of age. I have on brother & a half-brother Harry – my brother's name is Charlie Levis, he has four children, James trese, Rober, Edith, & Ellen. He now lives in California –
The Pettee Hardware  Company occupies a five story building on Main St and is the largest& finest hardware in N.W. and is owned by William J. Petree and Mrs. Rebeca L. Beatty exclusively.

I belong to the society of Daughters of American Revolution – 1776 – The first families of Oklahoma (7.7.6. Women of 1889. Phiomathea, the first literary club to be organized in Oklahoma, the five o' clock Tea Club an exclusive charitable club several card clubs for amusement the Music club and the Methodist Episcopal church on the corner of 4th and Robinson. We sincerely hope you may be able to enjoy the contents of this chest as much as we have in preparing them for your eyes. You may be sure of the love of your great grand parents who are enjoying a great many luxuries that will probably become necessities to you. With love and grand wished for your happiness whoever you are.

Your great grand mother
Daisy Beatty Pettree
Mrs. Williom Jay Pettree
700 West 16th.


Freeman L. Given
Henrietta Marr
Married in
Winthrop, Maine

Ephraim Jenning
Elizabeth Bacon
Married in Natick, Mass

Son Garden Given – Daughter Harriet Jennings
Married Mattom Ill. 1902

Son Robert Jennings Given
Born June 17, 1904
Age 8 years 10 months

Oklahoma City, Apr. 19 – 1913
My wish for my Great-grand-daughter
I desire for my great-grand-daughter neither great beauty nor great wealth, for fame not anything to mar her happiness. But give her a contented spirit ministering hands and willing feet, that her presence may radiate joy wherever she may be. May she never seek to explore life's mountain tops, but may her little feet tread tranquilly life's common way. Give her a sense of humor, a tender tact, a gracious presence, and sufficient beauty to make her face lovely to her friends. As her crowning glory may she know the supreme joy of a great and unselfish love.

Mrs. Russell Gordon Love

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