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The proposed consolidation bill to merge the Oklahoma Historical Society into Tourism includes provisions that suggest the OHS would function better within the confines of a super agency. This is an unfounded assumption. The OHS Board of Directors in special session recently voted its viewpoint that the OHS would in fact function better independently. Contrary to the consolidation assumption, the OHS board can point to a proven track record to supports its position. Below is a partial list of the OHS's accomplishments as an independent agency achieving its core functions to collect, preserve, and share Oklahoma history.

Recent OHS Accomplishments (partial list):


OPUBCO Photo Collection of 1.4 million images (1928-1998)
Oklahoma Banking Project interview and artifacts for books and exhibit
Oil and Gas Project interviews, artifacts, collections for exhibit
OKPOP Project interviews, artifacts, collections
Estimated more than one collection received per day
Statewide newspapers of up to 33 million pages
African American Exhibit collections and artifacts for new exhibit
Century Chest artifacts and new exhibit


Newspaper digitization project (1844-1923)
Steamboat Heroine archaeology
Daughter of Dawn silent film project
Bob Wills and Leon Russell projects
Restoration projects, e.g., Fort Gibson, Murrell Home, Pawnee Bill
OHS film and photograph collections digitization


OKPOP programs and speeches, webpage information, YouTube videos
Indian archival outreach programs
Oklahoma History Center exhibits, e.g., Oil and Gas, Steamboat Heroine, African American, Military, Federal Reserve, Century Chest, Woody Crumbo
Museum of the Western Prairie new gallery, Route 66 Museum new exhibits, Pioneer Woman new exhibit on women in broadcasting
Reenactments, e.g., Honey Springs Battle, Cabin Creek Battle, Murrell Home Lawn Social, Wild West Show at Pawnee Bill Ranch, Rendezvous at Fort Washita
Educational programs, e.g., Candlelight Tour at Fort Gibson,
Bake Day at Fort Gibson, Statehood Day at Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Lunch and Learn at Research Center, Outreach
Programs to schools across the state, Teacher Workshops, National History Day, Home School Days, OHS Annual Conference, SHPO Annual Conference
OHS Publications, e.g., The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Mistletoe Leaves, OHS Extra!, Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture
Social Media, e.g., OHS websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos

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