Patti Page

One of Oklahoma's entertainment icons, Patti Page, passed away on January 1, 2013. Born Clara Ann Fowler in Claremore, Patti began her entertainment career at Tulsa's KTUL radio station for the Page Milk Company. She went on to become one of the largest Pop stars in world. She was the all-time best-selling American female Pop vocalist until Celine Dion overtook her. She had a television show on ABC, NBC, and CBS. Her biggest hit was a country song, “Tennesse Waltz,” but she was best known for her Pop songs. These included “The Doggie in the Window,” “Confess,” and “Old Cape Cod.” With “Confess,” she was the first artist to use overdubbing. She also starred in the movies Elmer Gantry and Boys’ Night Out with Oklahomans Tony Randall and James Garner.

In 2010, the OKPOP interviewed Ms. Page at her home in San Diego. She talked about her home state, her career, and other Oklahomans.  “I am very proud of the fact that I grew up in Oklahoma,” Page said about the prospect of the new museum. “I think that it’s something that they should see and appreciate, and know that they could be there, too. I just want to commend you on what you’re planning to do. I think that’s fabulous. There aren’t many states like that that have people that want to do that.”