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A Journey with Programs to Celebrate a Milestone for Steinbeck

October 4-5, 2013

On October 4 the Oklahoma Historical Society will join the National Steinbeck Center to retrace the journey the The Grapes of Wrath’s Joad family took along America’s Route 66 through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona at the height of the Dust Bowl - toward California and their hopes of a better life.

On Friday, October 4 at 7pm the Oklahoma History Center will present a symposium on Grapes of Wrath, Oklahoma, and Route 66. The participants will be Dr. Bob Blackburn (Executive Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society), Bob Santelli of the Grammy Museum, a Steinbeck scholar provided by the Steinbeck Center, and a local expert on the history and significance of Route 66.

The afternoon of Saturday, October 5 the Oklahoma State University Oral History Department’s Juliana Nykolaiszyn will conduct an Oral History workshop at the Oklahoma History Center in conjunction with the Steinbeck Center. The crew of the Steinbeck Center will also interview prominent Oklahomans on their reaction to the Grapes of Wrath.

The trip along Route 66 through the Southwest will be led by a team of artists, including a playwright and a filmmaker, and a woodblock print artist who will be actively engaged in exploring modern day stories of the human experience of struggle and resilience. Along the route, this team will lead programs and workshops at cultural arts and education organizations and collect oral histories exploring the human capacity to carry on from individuals they meet on the road.

The Oklahoma Historical Society and the National Steinbeck Center are excited to announce their partnership in this dynamic journey.

The artists will blog throughout the journey and invite public collaboration and feedback through multiple social media channels. The Oklahoma Historical Society and the National Steinbeck Center encourage schools to follow us on this Journey, and to respond to the artists’ thoughts and observations on the road. This entire trip will be documented and shared as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration in 2014.

To stay up-to-date on this journey and to follow us when we are on the road in October, visit us at www.steinbeck.org and www.okhistory.org.

See the Penguin Book Pushcart!

In a special collaboration with Penguin Group (USA), the Penguin Book Truck and Penguin Pushcart will be travelling with the National Steinbeck Center and partners and will be stopping at selected locations to sell Steinbeck titles. The Penguin Pushcart will be at the Oklahoma History Center on Saturday, October 5.

The Penguin Book Pushcart is inspired by the design of the classic New York City hotdog cart. It will be transported by the Penguin Book Truck to various locations including bookstores, parks, beaches, sidewalks in shopping districts, summer theaters, and green markets.