Before And After!

Pre-Visit Planning

  • Map & Rules Print this sheet to go over rules with your students before your visit and as a handy guide for chaperones to use during the field trip.
  • Prepare your students for the field trip. Help them learn museum etiquette and enrich their learning experience.
  • Visit our website for current information on exhibits.
  • Confirm your reservation and lunch requirements.
  • Assign each student to a chaperone. It is recommended that each chaperone have no more than 10 students.  Ideally small groups work best. 
  • Ensure that you have our museum admissions telephone number: 405-522-0765. Please call if your group runs late.
  • Create a handout for parents with contact information, a timeline for the day, and any other important information.
On the way to the Museum
  • Confirm your plans for the museum visit with your students, staff, and chaperones.
  • Remind students of museum etiquette.
Upon Arrival
  • When you arrive please pull up to the front doors to unload the buses.
  • Please do not unload lunches until you have contacted museum staff. 
  • All students and chaperones will be greeted by museum staff and brought into the building.
Plan Follow-up Activities
  • During their field trip students will explore many aspects of Oklahoma's rich history. Plan activities to follow up and reinforce what they have learned.
  • Check our website for post-visit activities and ideas.