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Kingfisher County

Cimarron was located three miles north and one mile west of Kingfisher. Around 1892, an African American promoter leased a 40-acre tract and collected a substantial sum of 'membership' money from black colonist, under promise of the gift of a town lot, a farm, a mule, and other desirable things. The promoter failed to make good his promises, and wouldn't give aid to the impoverished settlers. In Kingfisher, a mob of these African American settlers attempted to lynch the promoter but was stopped by the sheriff of the town. Many of the homes in this community were dugouts and several stores and shops were set up. Cimarron City was abandoned after two to three years.

Columbia was in Kingfisher County, eight miles northwest of Crescent. It had a post office from 1890 until 1913. It was named for Columbus Flash, a local merchant.

Lincoln was located about seven miles east and two miles south of Dover in Kingfisher County. The town was organized in August of 1889 and had a population of about three hundred. The settlement had a post office from 1889 until 1894. The town was named for President Abraham Lincoln. The first mayor was R. Hamilton and the first postmaster was John D. Young.

Pleasant Valley was a settlement in Kingfisher County staked by African Americans in the land run. Some Civil War veterans were among the people established in this community.

Zion City, located five miles west of Crescent, was an African American settlement in Kingfisher County. The town obtained a post office 1891 and John G. Gump served as the first postmaster. Zion City lost its post office in 1906. Miller's store, owned by I.F. Miller, appeared to be the mainstay of the town. There is still a Zion cemetery where the town existed.