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Choosing a Topic

How do I choose a topic?

Topics for research are everywhere! Ask your teacher if there are required topics for your class. If not, think about individuals, events, or a time in history that interests you. Start a list, read books, newspapers, and other sources of information and add to your list. Talk with relatives, neighbors, or people you know who have lived through a particular time in history that appeals to you and add more ideas. Keep thinking, reading, and talking to people until you have many interesting ideas. Now go back through the list and circle the ideas that connect with the theme. From the topics that you circled, select one to begin your research. Keep your list because you might need it again.

Topic Help

Before beginning your project check with your teacher about topic selection. Some teachers will require you to work on a specific topic. If you are having trouble brainstorming ideas check out the documents below.

Key Events and Figures in Oklahoma
Choosing a Topic
Narrowing a Topic

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