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E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Special Exhibits Gallery

Tipi with Battle Pictures

Closing May 31, 2017

The Gaylord Special Exhibit Gallery is host to revolving exhibits heralding Oklahoma's important citizens and rich heritage. Currently on display is the Tipi with Battle Pictures.

While doing regular upkeep on the Indian collections housed within the Oklahoma Museum of History, one the curators discovered something that had been forgotten for many years. Stored on one of our shelving units was a rolled canvas tipi that no one had seen for many decades. This tipi is known as the Tipi with Battle Pictures. The tradition and history embodied by this tipi can be traced ultimately to 1833 when Little Bluff became the sole leader of the Kiowa people. The Tipi with Battle Pictures also figures prominently in another recent Oklahoma Historical Society venture: the recent acquisition and conservation of the 1920 silent film Daughter of Dawn. The tipi was authenticated using photo stills from the movie.