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Grade 3: Social Studies Content Skills

Content Standard 2: The student will identify and describe basic economic activities creating prosperity in the state of Oklahoma.

  1. Summarize how scarcity and surplus require people to make choices about producing and consuming goods and services. (CCRIT 2)
  2. Compare differences among human, natural, and capital resources used to produce goods and services.
  3. Examine how the development of Oklahoma's major economic activities have contributed to the growth of the state including the oil and natural gas industry, agriculture and livestock, aviation, tourism, and military installations.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Oklahoma Agriculture trunk: trunk description
Oklahomans in Space trunk and e-exhibit: trunk description | e-exhibit
Oil and Gas trunk: trunk description
Winnie Mae printable coloring sheet

Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Anderson, Ken. "Natural Gas"
Carlson, Erik D. "Post, Wiley Hardeman"
Crowder, James L. "Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base"
Crowder, James L. "Tinker Air Force Base"
Everett, Dianna. "Highways," "Turnpikes and Toll Bridges"
Fite, Gilbert C. "Farming"
Franks, Kenny A. "Petroleum Industry"
Fugate, Tally D. "War Production Training Centers"
Guinan, Richard S. "Altus Air Force Base"
Hedglen, Thomas L. "Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center"
Hedglen, Thomas L. "Vance Air Force Base"
May, Jon D. "Braum's Dairy"
May, Jon D. "Dairy Industry"
Mayda, Chris. "Hog Industry"
O'Dell, Larry. "Poultry Industry"
Tolman, Keith. "Aviation Manufacturing"
Travis, Paul D. and Jeffrey B. Robb, "Corn"
Travis, Paul D. and Jeffrey B. Robb, "Wheat"
Warner, Larkin. "Oklahoma Economy"

Research Center Resources


  • "Agriculture: Poultry" (vertical file, OHS)
  • "Altus Air Force Base" (vertical file, OHS)
  • Barrett, Charles F. "Thomas E. Braniff," A History of the Sooner State and Its People: 1889–1939, Vol. 3 (Oklahoma City: Historical Record Association, 1941)
  • Bischoff, J.P. "Sheep and Wheat: The History of Flocks in Oklahoma," in Ranch and Range in Oklahoma, ed. Jimmy M. Skaggs (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1978)
  • "Braum's" (vertical file, OHS)
  • Burke, Bob. From Oklahoma to Eternity: The Life of Wiley Post and the Winnie Mae (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 1998)
  • "Cattle Industry" (vertical file, OHS)
  • Crowder, James L. "More Valuable Than Oil': The Establishment and Development of Tinker Air Force Base, 1940–49," The Chronicles of Oklahoma 70 (Fall 1992)
  • Debo, Angie, Tulsa: From Creek Town to Oil Capitol (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1943)
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  • Olson, Ralph E. "Agriculture in Oklahoma," in Geography of Oklahoma, ed. John W. Morris (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society: 1977)
  • "Sheep Industry—Oklahoma" (vertical file, OHS)


  • Aviation Has An Oklahoma Accent, KTUL-TV Film Productions (F2010.108.1.002, Oklahoma Historical Society Film and Video Collection, OHS)
  • Last of the Boom Towns: Oklahoma City and Seminole, Part 1, Part 2 (F2010.144.1.001, Kerr-McGee Corporation Collection, OHS)
  • "Agriculture and Industry Maps of Oklahoma, 1930s," (M1979.010, Minor Collections, OHS)
  • Waterway Maps (WATMAP.001, Oklahoma Historical Society Map Collection, OHS)
  • Oklahoma Oilfield Footage (F2010.108.1.007, Oklahoma Historical Society Film and Video Collection, OHS)
  • Oil Drilling and General Production in Oklahoma, ca. 1930 (F2008.058.015, Arthur Ramsey Collection, OHS)

Additional Resources

  • "Academy History" vertical file, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Library, Oklahoma City
  • Davis, John. "From Dust Bowl to Scenic Beauty: Oklahoma Today 1956 to 1981," Oklahoma Today 31 (Winter 1980)
  • Interview with William Pogue, Voices of Oklahoma, Chapters 8–10, 12–14, Astronaut/Aviator
  • Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation website
  • Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Office of History. Tinker Air Force Base: Sixty Years of History, 1942–2002 (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, 2002)
  • Reise, Jack et al. Tinker Air Force Base: A Pictorial History (Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1982-83)
  • Tolman, Keith et al. The Oklahoma Aviation Story (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2004)
  • "Vance Air Force Base" vertical file, Enid/Garfield County Public Library, Enid
  • Warner, Larkin. "An Overview of Oklahoma's Economic History," Oklahoma Business Bulletin (September and December 1995)

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