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Grade 3: Social Studies Content Skills

Content Standard 4: The student will analyze the significant events and historic personalities contributing to the development of the state Oklahoma

  1. Describe early expeditions in Oklahoma including those of Coronado, Washington Irving, and George Catlin.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Brad Agnew, “Dodge-Leavenworth Expedition
Brown, Lynn. “Great Spanish Road
Everett, Dianna. “European Exploration
Hoig, Stan “Irving, Ellsworth, Latrobe, and Pourtalès Expedition
Hunt, David C. “Catlin, George
Lewis, Tom and Sara Jane Richter. “Coronado Expedition

Research Center Resources


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  • “Composite Historical Map, 1519–1821” (PREMAP.CHAPMAN.0001, Berlin B. Chapman Collection, OHS)

Additional Resources

  • Curths, Karen. “The Routes of French and Spanish Explorers Penetration Into Oklahoma,” Red River Valley Historical Review 6 (Summer 1981)
  • Flint, Richard and Shirley Cushing Flint, eds. The Coronado Expedition to Tierra Nueva: the 1540–1542 Route Across the Southwest (Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 1997)

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