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Living History Presentations

Living history is a tool used by historians to engage and inspire the public through entertaining interactions that investigate the past. Living history characters can provide a view of the past through opinions, eye-witness accounts, clothing, and artifacts. This special programming makes history personal to the museum visitor, and they will long remember their experience. It allows for visual, sensory, and auditory learners to access the past in a way that no other education medium can match. All of our living history programs are designed for student and adult groups. The presentation will vary by the age of the audience.

Living history programs are available to both student and adult groups at the Oklahoma History Center or as an outreach program. All museum programs directly address Oklahoma content standards and correlate with Oklahoma History Center exhibits.

The fee for outreach programs is $75 in the Oklahoma City metro area and $150 outside of the Oklahoma City metro area*. Grant funding may be available for your outreach program.

*Limit one living history presentation per school, per semester. The $75 or $150 outreach fee will be applied for multiple presentations depending on location. There is a 50 student minimum in the Oklahoma City Metro area and a 250 student minimum outside the Oklahoma City metro area. Teachers can combine multiple schools/presentations in their area to reach the minimum number of students. Please email education@okhistory.org with any questions regarding living history presentations.

Available Living History Characters

We offer diverse characters in addition to those pictured below. Other options include, but are not limited to African American, Asian American, American Indian, roughnecks, cowboys, soldiers, and more! If you would like to request a character that is not listed on this page, please specify which character in the "Other" field on the booking form. Please note: advanced notice of at least two weeks is required for a special character/speaker requests and availability cannot be guaranteed.

A number of our programs involve the use of period or reproduction weapons. Please notify staff if this is a problem so we can help determine the best program to fit your needs.

School Booking Form    Non-School Booking Form

Revolutionary War soldier

Revolutionary War camp follower

Colonial dance

1830s beadwork artist

Buffalo hunter

Civil War laundress

Confederate soldier

Union soldier

Pioneer woman


Cattle driver

Chuck wagon driver

Harvey Girl

Deputy US marshal

Dust Bowl housewife

World War II nurse

Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)