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U.S.S. Oklahoma

Flaherty, Francis

Francis Charles Flaherty
Medal of Honor Recipient
"Frank was a gentle, caring and easy to live with. His battle station was in one of the forward turrets...On the morning of Dec. 7, about 0750, Frank and I were lounging in our bunks, arguing about whether we shold go swimming on Ford Island before breakfast or eat breakfast first and then go swimming. Our leisurely banter was interrupted by the General Alarm and we both agreed that if they were going to call an air raid drill at 0800 on Sunday morning we were going to take time to get dressed. Before we got very far Ensign Rommel came on the PA and madit very clear that this was NO DRILL! We both headed for our battle stations in varied states of disarray. Frank stayed on station and held a flashlight so that his turret crew could make their way out of the turret. We had lost power early in the attack when a torpedo took out the generator on-line. I have always assumed that Frank stuck to his station until the big projectiles began tumbling around the turret as the ship rolled."
- Ed Veazy, shipmate, USS Oklahoma

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