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Lawrence, Elmer

He was born August 31, 1916 in Barren County, Kentucky. His father was Cornealius W. Lawrence, RR #1 Park City, Kentucky. His mother was Mennie Dyer Lawrence Cain of Little Rock, Arkansas. They divorced when Elmer was about 12. They were living in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time. He grew up with his father at his grandparent's home - Park City.
He had the most beautiful blonde curly hair, the most beautiful blue eyes and the most beautiful teeth of any one I have ever seen.
He joined the navy June 25, 1940. He came home on furlough the last of August 1940. The last time I saw him was September 8, 1940.
Elmer and I were in love. He was the most wonderful person I have ever met.

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