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Black, Waldean

Walden, age 20, son of Mr. And Mrs. Tyson E. Black of this city, is reported as missing in action in a telegram to his parents from the War Department. Walden enlisted in the United States Navy on May 19, 1941, and was stationed on the USS Oklahoman, one of the United States warships sunk in the cowardly surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.
Walden was born in Spearman on November 11, 1921 and moved with his family to Perryton in 1929. He attended Perryton Public Schools.
No particulars as to the manner in which he met death were contained in messages from the War Department, the first of which was received on Christmas day. It is presumed that his body has not been recovered.

-Newspaper of Ochiltree County

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