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Owsley, Alphard

December 7, 1941 Edward and Ida Owsley listened with their daughter Mary Ida as news on the radio told of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Owsley's had a son who was stationed there on the USS Oklahoma.
A week later, an officer came to the front door of the Owsley home to inform them that their son was Missing In Action.
Alphard "Stanley" Owsley had been in the Navy for three and a half years. He was supposed to get out in May of 1942.
Just 24 years old, he never returned to his home in Paris. His body was never found.
Next week will mark the 57th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
It is estimated that approximately 1379 people were on board the USS Oklahoma December 7, 1941, although an actual number of men who were on the ship will forever remain unknown. The last official roster had been taken at the end of June that year, and several people came and went before the sinking.

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