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Rouse, Joseph Carl

Telegram received by the Rouse family on Dec. 20, 1941:
The Navy Department deeply regrets to inform you that your son Joseph Carl Rouse, Seaman First Class, US Navy is missing following action in the performance of his duty and in the service of his country. The Department appreciated your great anxiety and will furnish you further information promptly when received. To prevent possible aid to our enemies please do not divulge the name of his ship or station. Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation

Letter mailed to Joseph Rouse on Dec. 8, 1941. It was returned to the sender.
Dear Joe,
I came home this weekend as I have been doing since I have been working. Now I am home alone Papa is up the street as usual and Lola has gone to see 'Smiling Through'. They told me that you wrote me but I have not been able to find it. They told me what you were going to send me for Xmas. I am mailing yours with this letter though you will get this letter before you do that. You are suppose to get it before Xmas. I am not going to tell you what it is but I think you will like it all. I hope they will let you get it as I just heard the radio announce that the 'Jap' have or are at this time air raiding all the Army Bases in Hawaii. I sure hope for the best of luck and Joseph remember through it all that there are some that will always be think of you and wishing you all the luck you can ever want. I have not thought so very much about the war until I heard the man talking now. Joseph no matter what you send me for Xmas I will like it and will always keep it.

Joseph Edward Moore was buried yesterday. He died Thursday from a heart attack, you knew he had drinked most all the time for the past year. It was quite a shock but no more than I had expected. Papa is going to farm next year and I am going to have an acre of tobacco maybe we can get out of debt and have some left over.

We are going to have a new Preacher next year. Mr. Wilson is going to leave. Aldie Bell was home not long ago and she was asking me about you. Say have you ever heard from Preacher? Lola got a letter from him last week and he is going to be the Hospital Xmas so Lola and I are going to send him something. It won't be much but the price does not mean everything. Joseph I am sending you some of the pictures that we took on Papa's birthday. The little baby is 'Ben'. Sallie's little baby the one you have not seen and the only one that she has except Raymond. He sure is cute. You can tell where they were taken.

Say Richard Lane is in Hawaii somewhere. He is in the Army. At least some of the people that Aunt Lizzie has to do something and like it. Uncle Hugh has got something to put in his ears so he can hear. I sure hope it does him some good. Joseph I hope you can come home in the Summer and I hope you get your raise like you said. They have started setting fireworks for Xmas and it sure is soon going to be all over and won't I be glad. I am still by myself though it is later in the nite than it was when I started this letter. I have been out to Gladies to see her for a while. I sure hope she got along alright. Say you might send her a Xmas card even it does get here late to make her know you thought of her. Do that. I am getting cold and I think I shall got to bed. I promise not to wait so long to write any more.
Love from all, Fanny

PS Joseph since U. S. had declared war I am sending you this letter and I have your pecans and Xmas gifts bought if you think you can get them. Write me at once and may God bless you. Love and sympathy from the bottom of my heart and I am sure the rest of the U.S. feels the same.
Love, Fanny

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