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Dick, Francis

"He always smiled with a grin as his teeth were crooked. So my sister said! I was too young to remember him. He was about 6ft. tall, med. Bone structure, he also had his nose broken. He could use either hand, but he was mostly left handed. I do have some of his baby hair our mother had saved. She did not ever get over this loss. What is the good ole USA's escuse for not having a memorial for the Oklahoma?"

-Carole Green, sister, November 11, 2003

Daryle Artley
Richard Artley
Francis Dick
Merle Smith

Woodland, Washington, December 8 Four Woodland boys were on the US Oklahoma, attacked in Hawaiian waters and several other Woodland youths are in the service in the islands'.
On the Oklahoma were Daryle Artley and his brother, Richard, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Artley; Francis Dick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dick; and Merle Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Smith

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