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World War II


Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County. Mrs. Barbara Fields Addy, Wife, 1538 No W. 34th St., Oklahoma City. Born June 20, 1919. Enlisted February 1, 1940. Decoration: Order of the Purple Heart. Attended Santa Maria College, Santa Maria, California. On his last mission when his three engines were gone and his crew had bailed out under orders, he remained at the controls of his plane to turn it from crashing in the midst of a Belgian village, the plane subsequently striking a high tension line and bursting into flames just outside the village. Members of his crew were saved but were held prisoners by the Germans nine days before their escape. Died June 14, 1944, in action over Chievres, Belgium, and was buried in the German cemetery, his body wrapped in an American flag and decorated with a cross of white flowers, the villagers having declared a day of mourning for the brave American who had saved this Belgian town.

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