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World War II


Sergeant, U. S. Army. Home address: Bartlesville, Washington County. Mrs. Florence M. Bennett, Mother, Bartlesville. Born January 8, 1925. Enlisted November 5, 1942. Decorations: Order of the Purple Heart and Presidential Citation awarded posthumously. Graduated from Bartlesville High School in May, 1942, and attended Bartlesville Junior College. Member of the First Methodist Church and of the Sons of the American Legion, Bartlesville. Sailed for duty overseas in April, 1943. Awarded Sharpshooter Medal. Served in Australia, and in campaigns on New Guinea, New Britain, and Peleliu Island in Central Pacific, landing on Okinawa on Easter Sunday in 1945. Died June 17, 1945, in action on Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, East China Sea.

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