Oklahoma Casualties Database

World War II


Captain, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County. Mrs. John Lindsay, Mother, 814 West 8th Street, Oklahoma City. Born May 26, 1916. Enlisted June, 1941. Of Choctaw Indian decent. Attended Classen High School. Enlisted in the Army 1934, serving three years; after honorable discharge, employed by Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company, Oklahoma City; re-enlisted in 1938, continued studies and promoted in service; transferred to Air Corps 1941. and stationed at Hickam Field, Territory of Hawaii, serving during attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Attended Officers' Candidate School, Aberdeen, Maryland, and received wings and commission as second lieutenant April 20, 1942. Sailed for overseas' duty July, 1942, and during service in Ordnance Department in Africa, was promoted successively to rank of captain. Seriously injured in jeep .accident November 28, 1943, near Manduria, Italy. Died November 29. 1943, in North African area .

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