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World War II


Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County. Mrs. Winifred (Blankenship) Carson, Wife, 1441 N. W. 24th St., Oklahoma City. Born October 14, 1921. Enlisted August 31, 1942. Decorations: Silver Star; Order of the Purple Heart; Mediterranean Theatre Ribbon. Graduated from Classen High School, Oklahoma City. Attended State Teachers College, Maryville, Missouri; Oklahoma City University, and Bob J ones College, Cleveland, Tennessee. Member of Trinity Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. Licensed to preach and assisted the Chaplain in every field where stationed. R~ceived commission in February, 1944, graduating in the upper 10%. Served as Navigator on B-24. Died May 31, 1944, on second mission, over Ploesti Oil Fields, Salina, Rumania.

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