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World War II


Ensign, U. S. Navy. Home address: Chickasha, Grady County. Mr. and Mrs. J oe J. Allen, Parents, 1226 South 6th St., Chickasha, Oklahoma. Born May 7, 1921. Enlisted Aug1:lst 27, 1942. Decorations: Asiatic Campaign Medal ; Bronze Star; Victory Medal, ' , World War II ; Order of the Purple Heart; Air Medal awarded posthumously. Graduated Chickasha High School in May, 1940; attended the University of Oklahoma in 1940-41. Pledged Sigma Nu Fraternity. Member of Baptist Church. Served as Pilot of "Hellcat" fighter plane in night fighting, 41st Naval Air Squadron. His Citation with the Air Medal stated in part: " A skilled and fearless airman, Ens. Allen courageously participated in many extremely hazardous missions during the pioneer period of night fighter operations and his tireless energy and unselfish efforts contributed materially to the excellent combat record achieved by his squadron and greatly assisted in the development of an important new phase of naval aviation." Reported missing in action on Luzon December 14,1944. Died December 15,1945 (official date), in action over Manila, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

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