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World War II


Ensign, U. S. Navy. Home address: Tulsa, Tulsa County. Mrs. Catherine Bucher, Wife, 1509 South Evanston, Tulsa 4. Born October 22, 1921. Enlisted June 5, 1940. Decoration: American Defense Service Medal. After training at Great Lakes, Illinois, he attended Aviation Machinist School at Pensacola, Florida, where he advanced to first class Petty Officer. Sent to Pre-flight School at Athens, Georgia, February 13, 1943, where he ranked 7th highest in battalion of 400 men. Designated Aviation Pilot, November 19, 1943, and appointed Ensign on November 25, 1943. After further operational training, he qualified for his carrier landings aboard the U. S. S. Sable. Reported San Diego, California, April 20, 1944, for active duty flying the Navy Corsair. Died May 9, 1944, Escondido, California.

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