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World War II


Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County. Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols Burwell, Mother, 7006 Nichols Road, Oklahoma City. Born June 7,1923. Enlisted July, 1942. Decorations: Air Medal; Order of the Purple Heart. Attended Oklahoma City public schools; graduated from Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana, in June, 1942. Member of Methodist Church. Attended preflight school at San Antonio, Texas, and had primary training at Spartan school, Tulsa, Oklahoma, followed by basic and advanced training in other U. S. air fields, receiving wings and commission at Lawson Field, Fort Benning, Georgia. Served as Pilot on P-51 "Mustang" with the 4th Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group. Died June 23, 1944, in action over Ploesti, Italy.

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