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World War II


Technician, Fifth Grade, U. S. Army. Home address: Seminole, Seminole County. Mrs. J oan Caffey, Wife, Seminole. Born October 6, 1924. Enlisted June 2, 1943. Decorations: Silver Star; Order of the Purple Heart. Attended Seminole High School. Member of Assembly of God Church. Served in Medical Detachment, 18th Infantry. The Silver Star Medal was awarded for gallantry in action within the vicinity of Mortain, France, the Citation stating in part: ' , Observing a seriously wounded German soldier, deserted by his own medical men, and obviously suffering from shock and pain, Corporal Caffey voluntarily exposed himself to heavy sniper lire, administered first aid and evacuated the enemy casualty. The exceptional courage with which Corporal Caffey performed his merciful deed reflects great honor upon the Army Medical Department. ' , Wounded in action in the vicinity of Hachkerchen, Germany. Died March 1, 1945, near Nrederaw, Germany.

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