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World War II


Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps. Home address: Tulsa, Tulsa County. Mrs. Verda Ruth Calhoun, Mother, 3342 East Jasper , Tulsa 4. Born May 12, 1920. Enlisted June 20, 1944. Decorations: Air Medal; Oak Leaf Cluster; Distinguished Flying Cross; Presidential Unit Citation; three Battle Participation Stars in the European Theater of Operations; Order of the Purple Heart. Graduated from Tulsa Central High School in 1938. Member of Second Presbyterian Church, Tulsa. Received wings and commission at Foster Field, Texas. The Citation with the Oak Leaf Cluster stated in part: ' , During a period of sustained coastal and other defensive operations between 13 June 1944 and 12 August 1944, Lt. Calhoun participated in over 48 missions, in all of which he was constantly called upon the display high qualities of professional skill and airmanship. His flying achievements involved air-sea rescue searches, scrambles after enemy aircraft, and patrols of the convoys, harbors, and land installations so vital to the successful prosecution of the war against the German Armies in Italy." Died September 5, 1944, in action on a bombing mission as pilot of a P-47 (Thunderbolt) in aerial flight over Bologna, Italy.

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