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World War II


Gunner's Mate, Third Class, U: S. Naval Reserve. Home address: Checotah, McIntosh County. Mrs. Goldia Lee Carr, Wife, 125 East 18th St., Tulsa 5. Born February 13, 1924. Enlisted May 28, 1943. Decorations: Order of the Purple Heart; Silver Star awarded posthumously. Recommended by his Commander for the award of the Navy Cross. Graduated from Checotah High School in 1942. Played center on high school football team, and during his senior year, was selected second best high school football center in Oklahoma. Referring to his gallantry in action in the second Battle of the Philippine Sea, aboard the U. S. S. Samuel B. Roberts, his Commander wrote in part: "Paul was better known to me than many of the men, except the chiefs, this in spite of the fact that he was very quiet and unassuming. He was, from the very first one of our more outstanding men, and we had a fine crew throughout. His gun was the pride and joy of the ship's ordnance department, due not alone to his tireless energy in servicing it as a fond mother would a cherished baby. ..but due to his inspiring leadership, which shown forth like a beacon during the battle of October 25th, Gun '2' was always an outstanding gun, that day it was superb. ..' , Died October 25, 1944, in action aboard the U. S. S. Samuel B. Roberts, off Samar Island, Philippine Sea.

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